Absolutely Fabulous Remastered: Absolutely All of It

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Absolutely Fabulous: Absolutely All of It

Indulge in the excess that is Absolutely Fabulous with this must-have release containing all five seasons, specials, and loads of lovely bonus features, including an exclusive interview between producer John Plowman and June Whitfield (Mother/Gran). This very special DVD collection comes in a super-luxe and limited edition faux (totally PC, sweetie) iguana skin clutch bag, complete with animal print metallic- look liner. Plus, seasons 1-3 have had a bit of "work" done - they have been remastered and are looking more fabulous than ever before!

Episode List
Season 1
Edina launches a fashion show and tries to convince Saffron she has stopped drinking

Edina gets worried about her weight and about a model friend from her past.

Edina and Patsy head to Provence on holiday, but things do not go as expected.

Iso Tank
Edina tries out the latest 'in' experience - the immersion tank

Patsy needs a little help from Saffy to make her TV makeover slot a success.

Edina turns 40 - and she's not happy about it!

Season 2
Patsy becomes the centre of attention when news breaks of her relationship with an MP.

Edina's father has died and Saffron tries, amidst the usual chaos, to organise a funeral

Patsy plans to go to Marrakech for a photo shoot, so Edina and Saffy tag along.

New Best Friend
Patsy gets jealous when an old friend of Edina's brings her family to stay.

Edina is forced to make economies when her ex-husband, Justin, stops paying her alimony.

Edina, Patsy and Saffy get locked in the living room and begin to reminisce about birth.

Door Handle
Season 3
Patsy and Edina set out to find the perfect door handle - in New York.

Happy New Year
Edina and Patsy await the arrival of Patsy's long-lost sister, Jackie.

Patsy persuades Edina to host an orgy. Saffy and her friends plan a genetics lecture.

Rival Claudia Bing poaches first an award, then a celebrity friend, from Edina.

Saffy moves out, so Patsy moves in - but can her friendship with Edina take the strain?

The End
Edina heads to a retreat to find herself, while Patsy goes to work in New York.

The Last Shout Out
Part 1
Saffy enjoys a romance with Paolo, while Patsy and Eddy embark on a skiing holiday.

Part 2
Saffy gets ready to walk down the aisle, with or without her mother's help.

Season 4
Patsy has injections to freeze her wrinkles, while Edina is due to appear on This Morning.

Fish Farm
Edina rocks out with Marilyn Manson and makes a move on an aristocratic gardener.

Sacha Distel and Christian Lacroix are guest stars as Patsy and Edina visit France.

Eddy goes on a detox diet in a desperate attempt to lose weight.

Small Opening
Edina plots to put a stop to Saffy's first play, based on her young life.

Edina's company is losing clients and Patsy seems to be going through the menopause.

Edina goes to New York to find her long-lost son, while Patsy goes to cover fashion week.

Season 5
Saffy is in Iraq and, in her absence, Edina's house and career are in a mess.

Book Clubbin'
Edina and Patsy start a celebrity book club.

Edina is thrilled by the newest addition to her house - a fully stocked panic room.

Huntin' Shootin' Fishin'
Edina and Patsy take up rural pursuits in an attempt to infiltrate the gentry.

Saffy prepares to give birth. Patsy's plans to host a prestigious Style Awards are dashed.

Edina throws a party so that a select group of producers can hear some lost Beatles tapes.

Patsy and Edina take baby Jane to a photo shoot with Jean Paul Gaultier.

Cold Turkey
Edina plans her first family Christmas.

White Box
Edina suffers a redecorating crisis that even Bettina and Max can't cure.

Jennifer Saunders...Edina (40 episodes, 1992-2012)
Joanna Lumley...Patsy (40 episodes, 1992-2012)
Julia Sawalha...Saffron (40 episodes, 1992-2012)
June Whitfield...Mother (37 episodes, 1992- 2012)
Jane Horrocks...Bubble / ... (33 episodes, 1992-2012)

ISBN 883929371242
Release Date 05 November 2013
Subtitles CC

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