The Forsyte Saga: The Complete Collection

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The original 1969 epic miniseries that started it all!The Forsyte Saga is the sprawling yet intimate story of a nouveau rich Victorian family. Includes all 26 episodes.

In 1969, an internationally acclaimed BBC show began airing on the fledgling public broadcasting network. The Forsyte Saga, in telling the remarkable story of a nouveau riche English family, introduced America to a new kind of TV. Millions of Americans devoted the next half- year of their lives to following the frank treatment of all sins, foibles and peccadilloes of the Forsytes and their circle.

The passing decades can never the erase the memory of their extraordinary evenings with the Forsytes: Kenneth More as Jo, the philosophical outsider; Eric Porter as Soames, the grasping man of property; Nyree Dawn Porter as Irene, "born to be loved and to love" and in later episodes, Susan Hampshire in an Emmy-winning performance as Fleur, Soame's 'restless' daughter. The series was so popular that Masterpiece Theatre was created to meet the new demand for great literary adaptations. With 15 characters, 2 separate costumes and over 1 sets, this sprawling yet intimate saga continues to move, provoke and entrance viewers today.

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Set Collection Set
ISBN 794051171627
Format DVD
Run Time About 21 3/4 Hours
Subtitles SDH

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