Top Gear: Worst Car in the History of the World

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Everyone has an opinion on bad cars. Now it's time to hear the ones that really count! The hosts of Top Gear travel to the very distant North of England to name and shame the most rubbish car from a manufacturer which, frankly, should have known better. But this hilarious Top Gear special isn't all about hateful cars. You have to revel in some good ones to appreciate the stinkers. We look at the Ferrari 458 spider, Toyota's GT86 and the $52, Lexus LFA rubbing shoulders with a Mercedes SLS. We argue over the great and the awful from Peugeot, Ford, Mahindra, FSO, Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Citroen, Saab, and many more, before we reveal a very special, surprise fate for the car that we crown the worst car in the history of the world!

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