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Chased by Dinosaurs

Chased by Dinosaurs

Chased by Dinosaurs
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Chased by Dinosaurs. The creators of Walking with Dinosaurs transport you back more than 75 million years in this stunning dinosaur triple feature. In The Giant Claw, amazingly life-life computer animation brings the colossal Therizinosaurus thunderingly alive, weighing more than five tons and towering on two legs. Tracking him brings you face to scary face with Velociraptors, the terrifying Tarbosaurus and more! In Land of Giants, travel to South America’s Patagonia, where dinosaurs shook the earth 100 million years ago. You’re just in time to witness the animal kingdom’s most awesome hunt, as the largest predator – Giganotosaurus – brings down the adult Argentinosaurus – the largest prey! Finally, Allosaurus follows a male Allosaurus from birth to death. Get ready to run for your life! . Episodes The Giant Claw Land of Giants Allosaurus
Additional Information
Format: DVD
Show: BBC Earth
Brand: BBC Earth
Run Time: About 1.5 Hours
Region: Region 1
Special Features: BBC Earth
Editorial Reviews: “The amount of detail on each dinosaur was stunning and disturbingly realistic.” - Sunday Express “…stunningly animated.” - The Times “A “prehistoric safari” by Nigel Marven that further advances techniques from Walking with Dinosaurs.” - Sunday Times
ISBN: 883929409075
Number of Discs: 1