Mrs. Darlington's Extra Damson Jam

  • When the Darlingtons had a surplus of eggs on their farm 34 years ago, Mrs. Darlington made an extra batch of her husband'’s favorite Lemon Curd to see if she could sell it to local shops. The shops wanted more, and Mrs. Darlington and her daughters have been winning prizes ever since for their curds and preserves —all made with natural ingredients, following old family recipes. Called “Extra Jam” for its lusciously high fruit content, their Extra Damson Jam (12 oz.) works wonders on toast, scones and crackers. From the Darlington family company in Cheshire, England.


    Sugar, damsons, gelling agent: pectin.

    Prepared with 45 grams of fruit per 100 grams.

    Total sugar content 65 grams per 100 grams.

    No added colour or preservatives. 340g.