"Racing Snow People" Christmas Crackers

  • Queen Victoria and Prince Albert never dreamed their playful
    noisemakers would evolve into a cherished British tradition of holiday
    hilarity. Put one gleaming, ice-blue cracker at each place setting and
    snap it open with a friend. Out pop a party hat, a joke, and a snowman
    or snowwoman in top hat, pink scarf, or ear muffs! Wind them up
    and cheer as they speed along the racetrack. Great fun for the
    whole family. Set of 6 handmade crackers, 13"h x 2 1⁄4"dia, plus color
    racetrack, 15 1⁄2" x 23"

    • Dimemsions: 13"h x 2 1⁄4"dia
    • SKU: 23936
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    • Dimemsions: 13"h x 2 1⁄4"dia
    • SKU: 23936