Diana: Seven Days That Shook The World

  • An in-depth look at the dramatic week leading up to Princess Diana’s funeral, a time when the future of the monarchy was in serious doubt.

    At 3am on 31 August 1997, Princess Diana was declared dead following a tragic and controversial car accident. The public grief was instantaneous and unprecedented. Sports events were cancelled, thousands flocked to London to pay their respects and a 50-foot carpet of flowers sprung up outside Kensington Palace.

    Amid this public outpouring of grief, the Royal family elected to remain out of the public eye, at their family estate in Balmoral. They failed to fly the Buckingham Palace flag at half-mast and chose not to make an appearance for days. As tensions grew, the relationship between the British monarchy and public was at a long-term low.

    The Week Diana Died reveals the fraught preparations and negotiations involved, as the monarchy and their advisors struggled to protect Prince William and Harry, appease the public and plan a high-profile funeral at Westminster Abbey.

    With exclusive access to key players, the story is told by Diana’s staff, top Downing Street advisors, journalists, experts and members of the public.

    Led by unique personal testimony, this series explores the practical and emotional implications of the week, and examines how Diana’s death helped preserve the British monarchy’s future.