Silent Witness: Season 10

  • Further tales from the morgue, as our top pathologists uncover more grizzly misdemeanours. Professor Leo Dalton, Dr Harry Cunnigham and Nikki Alexander return for a new series of the award-winning crime drama and use their scientific expertise and unquenchable thirst for the truth to unravel the clues in more mysterious and suspicious deaths. In this series, when four bodies are found in the river Thames, the team soon realises that they are dealing with a people-trafficking operation gone wrong; Leo and arch-cynic DI De Rohan are drawn into the case of a woman killed in a terrible fire; and Harry’s ex-girlfriend, Penny Harris, is found dead after an unusual car accident. Meanwhile Nikki investigates the death of elderly woman, who appears to have been assaulted by an intruder. While the woman’s son demands justice, Nikki finds that the truth is far more surprising….

    1. Cargo (Part 1)

    When a boat carrying illegal immigrants is found wrecked on the Thames, the team joins an investigation into the
    people trafficking operation.
    When four bodies are found in the Thames after a boat packed with illegal immigrants crashes, the team realises that it
    is dealing with a people-trafficking operation gone wrong. As they set out to discover whether there are any survivors
    or other bodies – and try to track down those responsible – Harry, Nikki and Leo find themselves delving into
    communities of illegal immigrants and gradually learn more about the victims’ stories. The dead are a Chinese couple
    who were fleeing their home because they were not allowed to have a second child, an African political activist and a
    young Albanian man whose brother was granted asylum. As they get closer to the Chinese gang behind the operation,
    Nikki comes to realise that the Chinese couple’s six-year-old daughter may still be alive on the Thames marshes.

    2. Cargo (Part 2)

    The team must now find any remaining survivors from the wreck of the boat carrying illegal immigrant before a highly
    contagious disease breaks out into the community.
    The discovery that one of the bodies from the crashed boat was carrying a highly infectious disease increases the
    pressure on the team to track down any other survivors before the virus breaks out into the wider community. Leo
    tries to find a cure. Harry follows the traffickers' trail into the heart of Chinatown to try to prevent another man
    being killed by the gang. Nikki appeals to Chazika, the African revolutionary (Patrice Naiambana) – but can she
    persuade him to jeopardise his political ambitions to help her save the missing girl? (Burt Kwouk – Cato in the Pink
    Panther films – plays Jimmy Han).

    3. Terminus (Part 1)

    The team investigates a hit-and-run incident, an arson attack and why a woman collapsed on her hen night.
    It’s an 'ordinary' week at the office for the pathologists, with no major murder cases but a typical series of the
    mundane and cruel deaths that strike every day in the city. Harry is joined by Sergeant Susan Fenn (Ruth Millar) to
    investigate a hit-and-run accident on a run-down council estate. He has to tell the victim’s mother, Winsome (Cassie
    McFarlane), that it is unlikely her son’s killer will ever be found. Leo and arch-cynic Detective Inspector De Rohan
    (Nigel Betts) are drawn into the case of a woman killed in a terrible fire at her house. When it is revealed that the
    woman could have started the fire herself, it becomes clear that the tragic event was linked to the family’s crippling
    debt problem. And Nikki examines the body of a woman who collapsed and died at her own hen night. She finds
    herself explaining to the fiancé that the victim was 15 years older than everyone thought.

    4. Terminus (Part 2)

    The pathologists investigate the death of a man found on a night bus, an office prank gone wrong, and a professional
    footballer's suicide is linked to a hit-and-run on a housing estate.
    While Harry copes with the shock of having a colleague killed in a road accident right in front of him, Leo investigates
    a drunk who died on a night bus without anybody noticing; Nikki and DI De Rohan (Nigel Betts) investigate the
    apparent poisoning of a go-ahead sales executive and reveals an office prank that went wrong; and, when Harry is
    called out to the apparently inexplicable suicide of a Premier League football star, he uncovers a link back to the hitand-run
    on the housing estate. (Sean Wilson plays Alan McBain).

    5. Body Of Work (Part 1)

    Harry and Nikki's tentative relationship is rocked by the discovery of the body of Harry's ex-lover. Leo starts work
    on the elaborately staged apparent suicide of a conceptual artist.
    Harry and Nikki share a kiss, but their tentative new relationship is jeopardised when Harry's ex-girlfriend, Penny
    Harris (Deborah Cornelius), turns up on the slab. Nikki takes on the case, which initially looks like suicide, while
    Detective Chief Iinspector Ambrose (Jim Findley) learns that Penny may have been having an affair. Harry starts
    to become obsessed with the case when the post mortem reveals that Penny must have given birth; he may have a
    child that he never knew about. Elsewhere Leo works on the elaborately staged apparent suicide of conceptual artist
    Jimmy Triangle (Matthew Dunster). An anonymous video puts art critic Seth Jewell (Jay Villiers) in the frame, but
    Leo isn't convinced – he starts to realise that this death is an art work in its own right.
    Guest stars also include Linda Thorson (The Avengers) as Anne Wheaton and Larry Lamb as Max Wheaton.

    6. Body Of Work (Part 2)

    Leo finds more inconsistencies in Jimmy Triangle's death, and Harry forces Nikki to re-examine his ex-girlfriend's
    Leo is puzzled by more contradictory clues in the bizarre death of conceptual artist Jimmy Triangle. Someone is
    playing a game with them, but who and why? Harry and Nikki are pushed further apart when he forces her to
    re-examine Penny's body. They realise that her 'lover' Simon (Tom Charge) could in fact be her and Harry's child.
    Though Harry is sadly too late to save Simon, he is determined to find out who is really guilty in this tangled web of
    blackmail, poisoning and murder…

    7. Supernova (Part 1)

    The team deals with the cases of a 14-year-old apparent suicide whose body is found by her classmates, an elderly
    lady who died at home, and a man whose body is found dumped near his car.
    Memories of his own daughter's death are stirred up when Leo is called in to investigate the apparent suicide of a
    14-year-old Alison Garland (Lilly Driscoll). With the help of child psychologist Dr Caroline Anscombe (Ingeborga
    Dapkunaite), he realises that Alison was in fact murdered – but they are stumped when the killing is linked to
    Harry's case, in which a car salesman has been stabbed to death apparently with the same knife. As Leo gets deeper
    into the unfamiliar teenage world, he starts to suspect the school rebel Fish (Paul Richards) – but is there another
    connection? Meanwhile, Nikki investigates the death of elderly woman Kay Owen (Jean Grover), who appears to
    have been assaulted by an intruder. Whilst Kay's son Robert (Jonathan Keeble) demands justice, Nikki finds that
    the truth is more surprising.

    8. Supernova (Part 2)

    Leo races to find a connection between the apparently motiveless murders as a third killing takes place at a school.
    Nikki proves her elderly victim died of hypothermia rather than assault.
    When a third murder is committed on school grounds, the police believe they are looking for a serial killer. Leo and
    Caroline discover that Chris Duncan (Pavel Douglas) was abusing his daughter Hannah (Tamsin Egerton), but
    while she had a motive, she has a perfect alibi. Leo realises that they are dealing with, not one, but three killers – and
    that the murders are connected to a twisted teenage pact. Nikki, meanwhile, has proved that her elderly victim Kay
    died from the effects of hypothermia rather than assault, but nevertheless there is someone who is guilty.