Silent Witness: Season 15

  • Every body tells a story: who they were, how they lived, and most importantly, how they died.
    Silent Witness follows the work of forensic pathologists Professor Leo Dalton, Dr Harry Cunningham and Dr Nikki Alexander. This series sees the team called to the murders of a young boy, his mother and grandfather. A DNA match links the murders to an ongoing case to track down a serial killer known as The Wraith. When Nikki witnesses the hit and run of a 15 year old girl, she’s introduced to the murky world of forced prostitution. And fellow pathologist Helen Karamides commits suicide, leaving Leo transcripts of lengthy interviews she conducted with a serial killer called Arnold Mears. Nikki, Leo and Harry unite to find Mears’

    Episode 1 - Death Has No Dominion Part 1

    When Leo’s friend commits suicide, Harry and Nikki are called to the
    scene of a violent and calculated murder, which is thought to be the
    work of an apparently dormant serial killer.

    Episode 2 - Death Has No Dominion Part 2

    Harry and DI James deviate from the original investigation to secretly
    test DNA evidence from the rival Chesham laboratory to try to solve
    this stalled case.

    Episode 3 - Domestic Part 1

    A puzzling family murder in suburbia deeply affects Harry who has
    history with the family.

    Episode 4 - Domestic Part 2

    Harry and Nikki discover more about the tangled lives of the
    inhabitants on Magnolia Drive.

    Episode 5 - Paradise Lost Part 1

    Nikki is approached to help identify the paltry remains of a serial
    killer’s undiscovered victims.

    Episode 6 - Paradise Lost Part 2

    Nikki is forced to confront manipulative serial killer Arnold Mears faceto-face in order to save Annie.

    Episode 7 - Redhill Part 1

    Leo battles with the authorities at the notorious Redhill prison to seek
    justice for the murder of an ex-prison inspector.

    Episode 8 - Redhill Part 2

    While Harry and Nicky investigate DI Bridges, Leo puts himself in
    danger when he follows his instinct and trails violent prison officer

    Episode 9 - Fear Part 1

    Leo is determined to uncover the truth surrounding the mysterious
    death of a young girl who was being treated by his college friend

    Episode 10 - Fear Part 2

    Nikki and Harry track down the catholic nun behind the exorcism only
    to find that John now believes he’s possessed, but can he be saved?

    Episode 11 - And Then I Fell In Love Part 1

    Nikki stumbles across a sinister underworld where teenage girls are
    groomed for sex and forced into prostitution.

    Episode 12 - And Then I Fell In Love Part 2

    Harry and Nikki make a crucial connection between the dead girls and
    sex-grooming victim Shannon, but is it too late for Hannah and Lauren?