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Doctor Who: Series 1

Doctor Who: Series 1


The Time Lord enters a new age

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The Time Lord enters a new age


Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor is wise and funny, cheeky and brave. An alien and a loner (it’s difficult keeping up with friends when your day job involves roaming through time and space), his detached logic gives him a vital edge when the world’s in danger. But when it comes to relationships, he can be found wanting. That’s why he needs Rose.

Rose is a shop-girl from the present day, trapped in a dull existence. From the moment they meet, the Doctor and Rose are soulmates. They understand and complete each other. With nothing to hold Rose back (neither her overbearing mum nor her hapless boyfriend), she chooses the Doctor and his promise of fantastic adventures across the universe. And he doesn’t let her down...

From foiling an alien plot to take control of the Earth to witnessing its end millions of years in the future; an encounter with Charles Dickens and the sinister, deadly Gelth, to the chance to see her late father once again; Rose has little chance to catch her breath. But when the Doctor comes face-toface with an enemy he had long thought dead, Rose and the whole of humanity are threatened with total destruction. Can the Doctor stop the invasion of the most lethal adversary he has ever had to contend with – the Daleks?


1. Rose

Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor, and her life will never be the same again. Soon, she realises that her mum, her boyfriend, and the whole of Planet Earth are in danger. The only hope for salvation lies inside a strange blue police box

2. The End of the World

The Doctor takes Rose on her first voyage through time, to the year Five Billion. The Sun is about to expand and swallow the Earth. But amongst the alien races gathering to watch on Platform One, a murderer is at work. Who is controlling the mysterious, deadly spiders?

3. The Unquiet Dead

The Doctor takes Rose back through time to Wales, Christmas 1869. In Victorian Cardiff, the dead are walking and creatures made of gas are on the loose. The time- travellers team up with Charles Dickens to investigate Mr Sneed, the local Undertaker. Can they halt the plans of the ethereal Gelth?

4. Aliens of London

The first episode in a two-part story. The Doctor takes Rose home. But when a spaceship crash lands in the Thames, London is closed-off and the whole world is on Red Alert. While the Doctor investigates the alien survivor, Rose discovers that her home is no longer a safe haven. Who are the Slitheen?

5. World War III

Continuing the story from Episode 4. Downing Street announces mankind’s first Interplanetary War, but the real danger is much closer to home. When the Doctor, Rose and Harriet Jones race against time to unmask the villainous Slitheen, Rose’s mum and boyfriend hold the key to salvation. Can the missiles be stopped?

6. Dalek

Beneath the Salt Plains of Utah, the billionaire collector Henry Van Statten holds the last relic of an alien race. When the Doctor and Rose investigate, they discover that the Doctor’s oldest and most deadly enemy is about to break free. It’s a fight to the death, with Rose caught in the middle.

7. The Long Game

Adam discovers that life as a Time Lord’s companion isn’t as easy as it looks. The Tardis’s latest destination is in the far future, where Satellite 5 broadcasts to the entire Earth Empire. But anyone promoted to Floor 500 is never seen again, and the Doctor suspects humankind is being manipulated. Nothing escapes the eye of the sinister Editor, but just who is he working for? While the Doctor and Rose investigate Floor 500, Adam realises the material advantages of knowing the future and is determined to cash in.

8. Father’s Day

Rose was just a baby in 1987 when her father, Pete Tyler, was killed by a car. So the Time Lord takes her back to the year in question, to the spot where the accident happened. Of course, Rose cannot stand idly by and just watch her dad die alone, so she pushes him out of the way of the on-coming car. But in doing so, she upsets the balance of Time and changes history. Suddenly, Earth is under threat from the Reapers, terrifying pterodactyl-like demons that swoop out of the sky to rectify Time anomalies.

9. The Empty Child

The Doctor and Rose travel back to London in 1941, at the height of the Blitz. A mysterious cylinder is being guarded by the Army, while homeless children (living on the bombsites) are being terrorised by an unearthly child. Rose meets the dashing Captain Jack Harkness – has she found a hero even better than the Doctor?

10. The Doctor Dances

The Child’s plague is spreading throughout the wartime London, and its zombie army is on the march. The Doctor and Rose form an alliance with intergalactic con-man Captain Jack, but find themselves trapped in the abandoned hospital. The answer lies at the bombsite, but time is running out

11. Boom Town

When the Tardis crew take a holiday,The Doctor encounters an enemy he thought long since dead. It soon transpires that plans to build a nuclear power station in Cardiff city are disguising an alien plot to rip the world apart.And when the Doctor dines with monsters, he discovers traps within traps.

12. Bad Wolf

The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack have to fight for their lives on board the Game Station, but a far more dangerous threat is lurking – just out of sight. The Doctor realises that the entire human race has been blinded to the threat on its doorstep, and Armageddon is fast approaching.

13. The Parting of the Ways

Rose Tyler has faced danger and seen wonders alongside The Doctor, but now their friendship is put to the test as Earth plunges into an epic war. With the human race being slaughtered,The Doctor is forced into terrible action.Will the time-travellers ever be reunited?


Doctor Who..............................................Christopher Eccleston
Rose Tyler.................................................Billie Piper
Captain Jack Harkness.................................John Barrowman
Mickey Smith...................................................Noel Clarke
Jackie Tyler....................................................... ...Camille Coduri

Additional Information
Format: DVD
Brand: Doctor Who
Genre: Science Fiction
Run Time: 9 3/4 hours
Number of Discs: 5
Region: Region 1
Character: Rose, Ninth Doctor
Series/Season: Series 1
Special Features: Doctor Who
UPC Code : 883929262205
Starring: Christopher Eccleston; Billie Piper; John Barrowman; Noel Clarke
Cast: Starring: Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri, Noel Clarke, Mark Benton, John Barrowman
Editorial Reviews: “I think it may be the single best piece of family-oriented entertainment BBC has broadcast in its entire history. It’s clever, it’s funny, it’s exciting, it’s moving, it’s got shades of Nigel ‘Quatermass’ Kneale about it, it looks fantastic, and in places it’s genuinely frightening. TV really doesn’t get better than this, ever.” - Guardian <br /> <br />“It manages to be vibrant and fresh to appeal to a new audience while remaining utterly faithful to the spirit of the old show.” - Financial Times
Episodes: 13 Episodes
ISBN: 883929262205
Written By: Russell T Davies

Customer Reviews

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I love it! Although it
I love it! Although it was a little pricey, the series is great, Doctor 9 is great, and I love to watch the behind the scenes exclusives that came with the DVD.
Review by grace g. (Posted on 1/11/2016)
Series 1 was my introduction
Series 1 was my introduction to Doctor Who, and what woman can resist falling in love with Christopher Eccleston. There are other doctors, but he will always remain my first.
Review by Patricia H. (Posted on 9/3/2015)
This purchase to fill a
This purchase to fill a gap in my collection. It does that. In the US we were at the mercy of PBS when it was first shown. (2 years after it was first shown) Didn't get repeated much either
Review by STEPHAN H. (Posted on 3/15/2015)
Luv it.
Luv it.
Review by Debi H. (Posted on 1/15/2015)
Love every item I ordered.
Love every item I ordered. Will always be a great customer
Review by Roxanne L. (Posted on 11/23/2014)
DOCTORY WHO: complete First Series
I purchased Doctor Who (complete First Series). I am not disappointed and enjoyed the DVDs. My only complaint is I purchased them for $79.98 and Walmart sells the same package for $19.98.
Review by Jerry B. (Posted on 6/18/2014)
The New Doctor Who
This series marks the return of Doctor Who to television. Christopher Eccleston is masterful in his role as The Ninth Doctor. There are some great adventures in Series 1 that unfortunately seem to get overlooked now. I still believe this is the best Series (and best Doctor) since the show returned. It re-establishes some of the Who basics for people new to the show while refreshing older fans with some old memories and new expectations. All the while, Eccleston does a fantastic job reviving the Doctor character and, in a way, breaking the mold and ushering in the new era of the show.
Review by Sean K. (Posted on 4/18/2014)
Better Than I Remembered
Season 1 is much better than I remembered it. Not that I thought it was bad, but there were some awesome stories in that season. Plus, when you consider that they were trying to appeal to a new audience but still keep fans of the old series happy, everyone involved did an incredible job.
Review by Jeff A. (Posted on 2/6/2014)

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