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The Thirteenth Doctor is a livewire, full of energy and fizzing with excitement and wit from the very first moment we meet her! She’s a charismatic and confident explorer, dedicated to seeing all the wonders of the universe, championing fairness and kindness wherever she can. Like her previous incarnations, the Doctor is brave and selfless – a hero who will run towards danger without hesitation. Though she may be a fidget and a wanderer, she’ll always answer a call for aid when she hears it.

The Doctor isn’t like most heroes. She never carries a weapon (“Only idiots carry knives”), instead relying on brain-power, bravery and a lot of luck to get herself and her friends out of tricky situations. But there are times when even the Doctor’s amazing mind needs some help to get stuff done more quickly, and that’s when a sonic screwdriver can come in very handy. Click image to read more at doctorwho.tv!

New & Whovian

    This mini TARDIS backpack may not be bigger on the inside, but it certainly contains worlds within! With shoulder straps, two side pockets, and two zip-close sections, this easily-portable bag is sure to meet any trendy Time Lord’s travel needs. Perfect for zipping around your local solar system.
    Slip on this vibrant hoodie and slip into a world of untapped adventure. Once there, accompany the Thirteenth Doctor on her colorful exploits through space, time, and alternate realities. Depicts the Doctor as portrayed by artist Alice X. Zhang. 100% cotton; unisex. Sizes Small - XX-Large
    Britain’s longest-running science fiction series, Regenerated! Sci-fi fans rejoiced when Doctor Who re-lit their TV screens in 2005, sixteen years after the original episodes (1963–’89) ended. Updated and fast-paced, the award-winning Series continue the epic space saga in contemporary style. In addition to meeting enemies and icons from the original Seasons, you’ll go on exciting adventures with new evils, planets, companions and regenerated Doctors, throughout time and space.