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Earthflight (Blu-ray)

Earthflight (Blu-ray)

Earthflight (Blu-ray)
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Earthflight (Blu-ray). David Tennant (Harry Potter, Doctor Who) narrates this exhilarating adventure, filmed over four years with help from camera-carrying birds, drones, paragliders and remote-control microflight planes. Feel your heart pound as you scramble with snow geese to escape the talons of a bald eagle above North America. Soar with cranes over Venice and the white cliffs of Dover. Sail over South American mountains, jungles and waterfalls with hummingbirds and condors. Circle with vultures high above African plains, and navigate a dangerous Himalayan pass with demoiselle cranes on their way to India. This wondrous aerial spectacle will make your spirits soar! . Episodes: 1.North America 2.Africa 3.Europe 4.South America 5.Asia and Australia 6.Flying High
Additional Information
Format: Blu-ray
Show: BBC Earth
Brand: Natural History
Run Time: About 6 Hours
Region: Region 1
Special Features: Natural History
Starring: David Tennant
ISBN: 883929248643
Number of Discs: 2