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Great White Shark: A Living Legend

Great White Shark: A Living Legend

Great White Shark: A Living Legend
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Great White Shark: A Living Legend.

Get up close and personal with one of the most vicious predators of our oceans, the Great White Shark! We think of great whites as fearsome aquatic killers, but do we know them as well as we think? In this presentation from BBC's acclaimed Natural History Unit, Mike Rutzen, the world's foremost great white shark diver, follows great whites as they feed, at a proximity never before achieved. Mike's unique ability to communicate with them using his body language allows him to swim amongst them unscathed. Mike Explores why great white sharks occasionally attack people. He also challenges the view that their feeding is unstructured and frenzied, to prove instead that they obey the subtle rules of a complex form of social hierarchy.

Additional Information
Show: BBC Earth
Brand: BBC Earth
Run Time: About 50 Minutes
Region: Region 1
Special Features: BBC Earth
ISBN: 883929345311