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Hidden Kingdoms

Hidden Kingdoms

Hidden Kingdoms
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Hidden Kingdoms. Imagine what it's like to be shrunk down and immersed in a magical world of fantastical creatures living incredible, action-packed lives. With a cast of miniature marvels all less than a foot in size, these superheroes may be small but they pack a punch way above their weight. Chipmunks, elephant shrews, marmosets, scorpion mice, even giant rhinoceros beetles all face drama on a different scale - when you are this small rain drops fall like meteorites and a breeze feels like a tornado! Filmed against the backdrop of the planet’s most iconic landscapes - savannah, desert, jungle, forest, and the cities of Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro - this series explores these worlds from a new and unique perspective. The challenges our mini-heroes face are exceptional and their enemies gigantic... but their solutions are ingenious. Prepare to be amazed, entertained and fascinated by our planet's Hidden Kingdoms. It’s time for the little guys to take centre stage!
Additional Information
Format: DVD
Brand: BBC Earth
Run Time: About 3 Hours
Region: Region 1
Special Features: BBC Earth
Starring: Stephen Fry
Cast: Stephen Fry
ISBN: 883929355303
Number of Discs: 1