Bang: Season 1

  • Expect trouble when a weak man feels emboldened by a gun. Sam Jenkins breaks strict Welsh gun laws simply by possessing one, and commits ever-more-daring crimes in his decaying steel town. When his sister, Gina—an ambitious police officer—links the original gun owner to a local murder, Sam’s bold façade begins to crumble. Watch it crack into little pieces when Gina
    finds shocking new evidence about their father’s long-ago-murder. Unrelenting suspense glues you to this satisfyingmurder mystery and poignant family story, starring Jacob Ifan (Hinterland) and Catrin Stewart (Doctor Who). An eight-episode,bilingual crime drama from the creators of Outlander and Broadchurch, with subtitles for scenes spoken in Welsh.

    Episode 1: The Package

    While investigating a robbery, ambitious police officer Gina Jenkins stumbles upon a major crime scene, while her brother receives a dangerous item to look after.

    Episode 2: Gunshots

    Sam stashes the gun away, and the police question suspects for the murder of local car salesman Stevie Rose, but his widow, Patricia, makes a surprising announcement.

    Episode 3: Loss

    Reeling from the death of his grandmother, Sam lashes out. Police respond to an incident at Patricia's home, while Sam's stealing at work gets him into trouble.

    Episode 4: Shot

    Sam's former coworker convinces him to do another robbery, but things go awry when Sam decides to target his stepfather's business.

    Episode 5: The Truth

    During questioning, Sam reveals that he knows compromising information about Gina's boss. Patricia prompts Gina to reexamine her father's murder, and Sam makes a friend.

    Episode 6: Ashamed

    Sam and Ela flee the robbery at the club, with Luke in hot pursuit. Gina later questions the pair about the robbery, but they mislead her and continue their crime spree.

    Episode 7: Suspicions

    When a woman's body is found in the woods, the police find a connection to Stevie. Sam leaves his grandmother's house, but his family grows suspicious of his actions.

    Episode 8: Part of It

    Gina confronts her mother about her father's death. Mel and her boyfriend come looking for the gun, but after Gina gets involved, things take an unexpected turn.