Brief Encounters

  • In the early 1980s, four British women want to improve their lot in life. Stephanie (Sophie Rundle, The Bletchley Circle, Peaky Blinders) wonders how to make ends meet when her husband loses his job, while her friend Nita (Angela Griffin, Inspector Lewis) tries to keep her teenage son out of trouble. Pauline (Penelope Wilton, Downton Abbey) is a bored and lonely housewife, and Dawn (Sharon Rooney, My Mad Fat Diary) yearns to escape her toxic family life. When Stephanie and Nita answer an ad for a sales job selling exotic lingerie and other “marital aids,” they kick off a sexual revolution in their community. As their business grows, they become savvy professional women, gaining confidence, forging unlikely friendships, and scandalizing the town. But their newfound independence comes at a price as they wrestle with the pressures of husbands, family, and a changing society. SDH