Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension Book One

  • The most epic Doctor Who event ever, as every incarnation of the Doctor – and friends and enemies old and new – unites to push back the threat of the Void: the empty space between universes that has inexplicably become sentient… and hungry!

    In this first of two volumes collecting 2017’s giant Doctor Who crossover event, witness the return of Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter, who has a terrifying message for the Twelfth Doctor, Bill, and Nardole: the Void is hungry, and it’s beginning to devour the universe we know and love!

    From there, the threat of the Void spirals out to affect all of the Doctor’s incarnations – from the Ninth, who re-encounters Silurian detective Madame Vastra, to the Tenth, who battles cybernetic foes on a space station orbiting a white hole, to the Eleventh, who journeys beyond the universe and into an impossible era of his civilization’s ancient past…!

    Plus: find out what Jenny has been doing since we last saw her on TV!

    It’s unmissable, beyond-epic entertainment, and essential reading for any Doctor Who fan!

    Collects Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension Alpha, The Ninth Doctor Special, The Tenth Doctor #3.9, The Eleventh Doctor #3.10 and Jenny, The Doctor’s Daughter Special #1 & #2.

    • 2017’s giant Doctor Who crossover event is collected in two amazing volumes!

    • Every Doctor to date is brought together to fight the terrifying threat of the Void, the nothingness in-between universes which has somehow become sentient… and hungry!

    • With the laws of time and space decimated and humanity itself turned against the Doctor and his friends, it’s up to each incarnation of the Doctor to find a solution to this interdimensional crisis!

    · Join the Twelfth Doctor, Bill, and Nardole, as the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny, smashes back into their lives with dire information about the oncoming threat (and discover what Jenny has been up to since we last saw her on TV!)
    · Witness the plight of the Ninth Doctor’s companions, Captain Jack Harkness and Tara Mishra, as faulty equipment sends them spinning into a White Hole!
    · The Ninth Doctor and Rose encounter Madame Vastra – and uncover a Silurian secret that should never have been shared!
    · The Tenth Doctor, Gabby, and Cindy face a cybernetic threat on a space station under assault from the forces of the Void!
    · And the Eleventh Doctor and Alice venture into the distant past, into a period of Gallifreyan history that should be impossible for them to witness, let alone play a part in!

    A thrilling, blockbuster celebration of the Doctor’s lives so far, this beyond

    About the Authors:

    · Nick Abadzis was born in Sweden to Greek and British parents and was brought up in England and Switzerland. He has been writing and drawing comics and graphic novels for all ages for over twenty-five years. His work has appeared in numerous books, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals around the world and he has been honored with various international storytelling awards, including an Eisner for his 2007 graphic novel, Laika. He also works as a publishing consultant, visual facilitator for corporate business and speaker on visual communication in culture. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and daughter.
    · Cavan Scott is a writer, editor and producer of over 60 books and audio dramas, including the Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller Who-ology - The Official Doctor Who Miscellany. Beyond Doctor Who, he has written for The Sarah Jane Adventures, Judge Dredd, Warhammer 40,000, Pathfinder, Adventure Time, Blake’s 7 and many more. He is currently co-writing the bestselling Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space series for younger readers. He was the co-writer (with Mark Wright) of the Ninth Doctor audio adventure ’Night of the Whisper’ and continues to write for, and produce, Big Finish audios for Doctor Who and more!
    · George Mann is a New York Times bestselling British author, primarily in genre fiction. He is the author of The Affinity Bridge, Newbury and Hobbs, and Ghosts of Manhattan, as well as numerous short stories, novellas and an original Doctor Who audiobook. His comic work includes Doctor Who: The Eight Doctor and Dark Souls from Titan Comics.
    · Rachael Stott winner of the Best Newcomer Artist at the British Comic Awards 2015, has worked on Planet of the Apes and Doctor Who.
    · Cris Bolson is a Brazilian artist who has found fame working on titles like Red Sonja, Hercules and The New Avengers.
    · Adriana Melo is a Brazilian penciller and inker, with notable titles such as Star Wars: Empire, DC’S Rose & Thorn and Birds of Prey and recently on Ms. Marvel. She is also a rising star, producing incredible fan art and cover art that has achieved global acclaim!
    · Mariano Laclaustra is a comics artist whose work has featured in Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor and The Twelfth Doctor.
    · Leandro Casco is a Brazilian artist who has worked on Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor.
    · Iolanda Zanfardino is from Rome, Italy, and works on Titan Comics’ Doctor Who comics. She has also had work featured in Marvel’s The Punisher.
    · Rod Fernandes is a Brazilian colorist whose work has previously graced the Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor series.
    · Marco Lesko is a colorist whose work can be found in Titan Comics’ Assassin’s Creed: Uprising, Torchwood, and Peepland
    · Carlos Cabrera is an up and coming colorist with many diverse projects to his name, such as Invincible Iron Man, Agents of Atlas, and Doctor Who.
    · Triona Farrell is a brilliant colorist who brings her own unique and varying style to all of the projects she has worked on to date including; Weavers, Big Trouble in Little China, Joyride and Assassin’s Creed: Locus.
    · Hi-Fi is comprised of Brian and Kristy Miller, Hi-Fi is a digital color studio founded in 1998. They have worked on comics, animations and video games. Most recently, they have curated the Femme Magnifique anthology, celebrating inspirational women.