Father Brown: Season 6

  • Episode 1 – The Tree of Truth

    It’s December and Father Brown, Mrs McCarthy and Bunty are visited by an old friend as they make mince pies and decorate the presbytery. Sid, has returned for Christmas, bearing gifts from Lady Felicia. Meanwhile as locals walk through the woods, a dog uncovers a partially skeletonised hand in the cold ground. The body is identified as Scarlett Dreyfuss, a woman reported missing after the dress rehearsal of Red Riding Hood in 1946, throwing open a seven year old case. But that doesn’t stop the Kembleford Amateur Dramatics Society from holding their auditions for this year’s pantomime, Cinderella. Mrs McCarthy is left disappointed when Bunty is given the role of Fairy Godmother over her, while Father Brown and Sid are left with rather undignified parts. When Scarlett’s post mortem is delivered, Inspector Mallory realises that the confession of her supposed killer, gentle giant Benny, is a pack of lies. A terrible miscarriage of justice has taken place - can Father Brown overturn it in time for Christmas?


    Episode 2 – The Jackdaw’s Revenge

    On the day of her execution, Katherine Corven is unexpectedly exonerated and released, much to Father Brown, Mrs McCarthy and Bunty’s dismay. Waiting outside Sonning Prison, Robin and Eddie from the Kembleford Gazette, push their way through the crowd of reporters to hear Katherine say that those who wronged her will answer to God… Father Brown later discovers that the Corven’s old cleaner confessed to murdering Katherine’s husband, explaining her sudden release, but Father Brown is sceptical of this new information. Katherine’s new intention to become a nun raises more alarm bells with Father Brown, who sidesteps Eddie’s questioning on the case and heads over to speak to Katherine’s former prison officer Frances. When he arrives he finds her in the position Katherine escaped from; hanging with a noose around her neck…


    Episode 3 – The Kembleford Dragon

    Julia Webb boasts about her award winning hanging baskets to Mrs McCarthy as Ben Webb shows the station inspector, Deepak around the train station. Pandora, the new cleaner at St Mary’s, gets off the train and immediately frustrates Mrs McCarthy. Deepak leaves a poster for Ben and as Julia pins it on the noticeboard, Ben collapses from a heart attack, reading: ‘Notice of Closure’. During a village hall meeting, Buddy Arnold tells the crowd that he’ll be running a replacement bus service when the train station closes but Julia can’t contain her anger and throws water in his face. Holding a fete at the station in an attempt to save it, Julia orders Ben off to the washroom to smarten his appearance, but when he returns he is in a much worse state; stuffed inside a trunk with his head dripping with blood.


    Episode 4 – The Angel of Mercy

    At Powderham House residential home, Mrs McCarthy visits a friend, Freda, who appears to be at the end of her tether with her painful illness. Death hanging over Kembleford, the gang attends the local handyman’s funeral, along with a new addition to St Mary’s, Caitlin, who was thrown out of a convent. Father Brown, Mrs McCarthy and Caitlin all visit Freda, where Mrs McCarthy has a run in with Matron Sophia after she denies Freda more painkillers. Waiting for the others in the lounge, Bunty bumps into her old nanny, Ellen, now in a wheelchair but not letting it stop her living life. The next day, when Mrs McCarthy gets a call that Freda has passed on, a single white dove feather at the scene indicates that she may not have died of natural causes…


    Episode 5 – The Face of the Enemy

    In Northern Rhodesia Lady Felicia lies in bed with Benedict Lewis. His return to England imminent, Lady Felicia finally decides to join Benedict and tell Monty that she’s leaving him. Along with Sid they surprise a delighted Father Brown, Mrs McCarthy and Bunty at the Presbytery. Later Lady Felicia is intercepted at the train station by her old adversary Daniel Whittaker, who explains that Benedict is a soviet spy and important blueprints have been stolen from the Ministry of Defence. He anticipates that an exchange of the film will take place at Benedict’s fundraiser and gives Felicia a fake film to replace with the real one. Lady Felicia is left not knowing who to believe. At the fundraiser, Alfred Lane presents Benedict with a sculpture and Lady Felicia suspects the film is hidden inside. As she attempts to swap the films over Benedict appears and points a gun at her - has Lady Felicia really fallen for the enemy?


    Episode 6 – The Devil You Know

    In an attempt to show involvement in the community, Inspector Mallory joins the Kembleford Bowls Club. Christina Worcester, the Club Secretary, introduces Mallory to the local players, Roger, Shirley and Christina’s husband Eric. Alec Frobisher strolls onto the green, where Shirley, much to Roger’s disappointment, takes an immediate shine to his charming brother. Mallory sits himself at the side of the green, where Father Brown and Bunty later find him snoozing under a book. As bowls players convene, Shirley appears from the back of the clubhouse in tears and an almighty scream jolts Mallory from his sleep. Alec is found with his neck garrotted and as Mallory is technically a suspect, a new Inspector arrives to investigate. But for Father Brown, is it better the devil you know?


    Episode 7 – The Dance fo Death

    Oliver interrupts Alexander and Lucy’s dance practise, telling Alexander that if he wins the ballroom dance competition, he’ll tell him who took his sight. Lady Rose Dalton the owner of the house hosting the competition, shows Father Brown, Mrs McCarthy and Bunty around. Noticing Alexander across the hall, Bunty approaches him to take her for a spin. Merryn, Oliver’s dance partner, unpacks her things with the help of Lucy, who shows off her new necklace. Back in the hall, Lucy interrupts Alexander and Bunty to practice, but Oliver notices the necklace and tension begins to rise. Storming out, the next time anyone sees Lucy, she is lying in her own blood, a stab wound to her heart.


    Episode 8 – The Cat of Mastigatus

    Sefton Scott welcomes parents, students and teachers to Kemble Martyrs Boys School fete. Bunty eyes an egg and spoon race and Mrs McCarthy agrees to compete with her. Heading towards the cake table, Father Brown meets a pupil from the Girls’ School next door, May Lewis who swipes the last three macaroons. Even though he’s meant to be the best, Sefton’s grandson Daniel Gates gives a poor cricket demonstration, but Mrs McCarthy thrives in the egg and spoon race and takes home the rosette. Meanwhile, the deputy headmaster of the school, Philip sneaks away with Sheila, the deputy head of the girl’s college next door, but to their horror, they find May on the floor, her head pooling with blood.


    Episode 9 – The Flower of the Fairway

    Meeting with Raylan Reeve at his new golf course, Father Brown and Mrs McCarthy discover ‘Go Home – or die’ burnt into the grass. Inspector Mallory pays a visit to Hermione, who has a clear motive for vandalism after her garden has been compromised for Raylan’s extensive golf course, but finds nothing to pin the crime on her. The next day at the golf tournament, the women’s cup sees Bunty competing, in disguise as ‘Miss Desiree Lecoq’, being careful in case her father finds out about this pastime. She competes against Raylan’s young granddaughter, Morgana, much to Tamara, Morgana’s mother’s disapproval. When Bunty’s ball lands in the reeds, a body is the last thing she expects to find.


    Episode 10 – The Two Deaths of Hercule Flambeau

    When Father Brown reads about Hercule Flambeau’s untimely death in Italy, he revisits a cryptic letter and key recently sent to him by Flambeau. Meanwhile, The Iron Crown of Lombardy, a crown holding a nail that was used in the crucifixion of Christ, arrives at Gloucester Cathedral. After Mass, Father Brown is greeted by Lisandra, who reveals herself to be Flambeau’s new wife. She recounts the day that he died and reveals that she knows about the letter and the key. On returning to the presbytery, Bunty and Mrs McCarthy find it in a mess, the key stolen. Considering Flambeau’s letter, Father Brown realises that the key could open the safe which holds The Iron Crown. Eager to inform the Bishop, Father Brown gets the train to Gloucester and is unsurprised to find his old frenemy alive and well waiting for him onboard. Can Father Brown manage to protect the crown and redeem Flambeau once and for all?