Gardiners' Merry Christmas Robin Tin with Vanilla Fudge


  • Handmade in Scotland by Gardiners, a long-established family company, the meltingly delicious vanilla fudge inside this pretty tin will make Christmas much merrier for the recipient.
    . Victorian postmen were called “Robin” because of their new red jackets, and the English robin soon appeared on Christmas cards and stamps as a symbol of reliable mail delivery. Your keepsake tin illustrates these historic links with a robin “redbreast,” a red postbox and traditional Christmas greetings. While the bird feasts on holly berries, treat yourself and your holiday guests to meltingly delicious vanilla fudge prepared by hand, following a traditional recipe and using only the finest ingredients. From an awardwinning, Scottish-owned, three-generation family confectionery in Lanarkshire, Scotland. About 2 dozen individually foil-wrapped pieces of fudge; 8.8 oz. Tin: oval, 4 inch w x 6 inch h x 2 inch d.