Hey Duggee: The We Love Animals Badge And Other Stories

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  • Duggee is a lovable brown dog who runs The Squirrel Club; a place where children take part in all sorts of exciting activities and earn badges for their accomplishments! Duggee is stroking Enid the cat. The Squirrels want to find animals they can stroke as well. Roly wants to stroke a bird, but they keep flying off. Betty finds a turtle, but he feels a bit too hard. Happy tries to stroke a goldfish but it's a bit too wet. Hedgley the hedgehog is too spiky for Norrie, and Tag discovers that a slug is a bit sticky. Can anyone find a soft and cuddly animal to stroke?


    The We Love Animals Badge

    The Puppy Badge

    The Sheep Badge

    The Caterpillar Badge

    The Birdwatching Badge

    The Spider Badge

    The Omelette Badge

    The Hair Badge

    The Submarine Badge

    The Scarecrow Badge