Keeping Up Appearances: The Remastered Collector's Edition

  • Enjoy every hilarious episode of the Perennial Hit, newly remastered and looking better than ever! When it comes to snobbery, Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced "bouquet") is in a class of her own. Desperate to impress the neighbors and elbow her way into the local aristocracy, every moment of Hyacinth's day is spent going to manic lengths in her quest for perfection. There is one very slight trouble to Hyacinth's pretensions, however. The rest of her family is completely average and can always be trusted to undermine her efforts. With more laughs than ever before, Keeping Up Appearances: The Collector's Edition is the ultimate collection for fans of Hyacinth. As Hyacinth would say, "get it before the neighbors do!"

    Episode List
    Season 1
    Episode One
    Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet), an overbearing hostess, is stunned when her less-than-well-off sisters Daisy and Rose inform her that their father has been taken to the hospital. Hyacinth is even more stunned however when she finds out why he was taken there.

    Episode Two
    Hyacinth's plans to have the vicar and his wife over for a formal afternoon tea are squashed when her sister Daisy and Onslow come to her house informing her that Daddy had been kidnapped by a gypsy. Then, to make matters worse, Rose arrives, on her way to her own funeral.

    Episode Three
    After an eventful visits at Daddy's, Hyacinth and Richard visit a stately home where they wait to catch a glimpse of the residing family. But Hyacinth's attempts to attract her ladyships eye are stifled when Daisy, Onslow and Rose turn up.

    Episode Four
    Hyacinth is distracted from her community service at the charity shop when Daisy informs her that there is a strange woman in Daddy's bedroom claiming to be his fiancé.

    Episode Five
    In an attempt to get his attention, Daisy picks up a toy boy who, with any luck, will make Onslow jealous. Meanwhile, Hyacinth forces Elizabeth and Richard to help her organize the set up of a function at the church hall.

    Episode Six
    It's the day of Daisy's granddaughter's christening and Hyacinth is most displeased that Stephanie, Daisy's daughter, is not married. But with some encouragement from Richard, Hyacinth agrees to go to the christening with an open mind, until of course the mother and child go missing.

    Season 2
    A Strange Man
    Hyacinth is appalled when she spots a strange man wrapped in only a towel exiting Elizabeth's house next door. Convinced that it is her moral duty to save her friend from this scandalous behavior, Hyacinth begins to plot ways of flushing the man out.

    Driving Mrs Fortescue
    Hyacinth is thrilled when a well connected friend, Mrs. Fortescue, asks for a lift into town. But what starts out as a wonderful social occasion soon takes a turn for the worse when Hyacinth and Richard run into Onslow, Daisy and Rose.

    The Candlelight Supper
    Hyacinth immerses herself in preparations for her next candlelight supper. She invites Elizabeth and Emmet in the hopes of securing a key role in Emmet's Amateur Operatics Society.

    Hyacinth Tees Off
    Hyacinth forces Richard to try to impress Mr. Frostcycles while on the golf course.

    Problems with Relatives
    When Daisy and Onslow inform Hyacinth that Daddy has disappeared, Hyacinth is most upset. She heads out in a search to find her father, who has decided to get married.

    Onslow's Birthday
    Hyacinth is less than pleased when she and Richard are invited to Onslow's birthday party. But matters improve for Hyacinth when she discovers that they will be picked up by Rose's new wealthy boyfriend.

    Singing for Emmet
    Richard is shocked when he is offered the prospect of early retirement. But shock soon turns to worry when he realizes that this proposition would mean spending all his time with Hyacinth. Hyacinth of course is oblivious to Richard's worry and focuses her attention on impressing Emmet with her singing.

    he Toy Store
    Hyacinth is torn away from her daily duties when she learns that Daddy has escaped from home to the toy store, where he has run up a bill that he cannot pay.

    The Three Piece Suite
    Hyacinth is very excited at the prospect of having her new three piece suite, an exact replica of the one at Sandrigham House, delivered. She will also give Daisy and Onslow her old suite, provided they pick it up themselves. But of course these two events are likely to collide at some point, creating an insurmountable disaster.

    A Picnic for Daddy
    Hyacinth is worried that she has been neglecting Daddy lately and decides to take him on a picnic. But when Hyacinth goes to collect Daddy from Daisy's, Daddy escapes in Richard's car, speeding around town on his own.

    The Father Christmas Suit
    Hyacinth is in the full Christmas spirit with 112 Christmas cards, and counting. She's also forced Richard to dress up as Father Christmas to distribute presents to the old folk. But the journey to the church hall to hand out the gifts is filled with many surprises including a drunk Richard, a disguised Elizabeth and of course a mishap with Daddy.

    Season 3
    Early Retirement
    Richard must finally come to terms with early retirement which includes spending all day and every day with Hyacinth. But Hyacinth is eager to find Richard a new position, so when she hears that the Henderson's in frozen foods have an opening, she makes plans to get Richard the most executive, senior position.

    Iron Age Remains
    Now that Richard has retired, Hyacinth has decided that they must spend more time together, taking trips into the country to look for Iron Age remains. But Hyacinth and Richard are distracted from their studies when Rose hits an emotional low and locks herself in her room.

    Violet's Country Cottage
    Hyacinth and Richard head to the country where they have borrowed Violet and Bruce's cottage to host a barbecue. Whilst there, they meet the eccentric, but very well off, couple from the manor house and begin making acquaintances.

    How to Go on Holiday Without Really Trying
    When Delia Wheelwright boasts of her plans to vacation in the Caribbean, Hyacinth fumes. She immediately concocts a plan to out do Delia. But how can you convince everyone that you're going on holiday without actually going?

    Richard's New Hobby
    Hyacinth decides to quench Richard's boredom by giving him a new hobby, filming. Set off to film, anything, Richard does not to how to film or what to film for that matter. Meanwhile, Hyacinth invites Mrs.Counselor Nugent to her house in order to gain a valuable position on her committee.

    The Art Exhibition
    Hyacinth prepares for her trip to the art exhibition, she is of course an avid art lover. But her plans are interrupted when Daddy runs off to join the French Foreign Legion.

    What to Wear When Yachting
    About to embark on their yachting vacation, Hyacinth and Richard get kitted out with old sea-dog jerseys and caps. However, when they arrive at the docks, their magnificent yacht does not live up to its expectations, and with guests arriving at any moment, what is Hyacinth to do?

    Season 4
    A Job for Richard
    When Hyacinth sees an advertisement in the newspaper for a senior position in frozen foods, she jumps at the chance to get Richard a dignified job position. But of course Richard will not apply through the normal channels; Hyacinth insists that he must win over Frosticles on the golf course!

    Country Retreat
    Hyacinth has her heart set on buying a cozy charismatic cottage in the country. So she and Richard head out in search of the perfect home away from home. However finding the most suitable, and affordable, cottage could be harder than Hyacinth imagined.

    A Celebrity for the Barbecue
    Hyacinth is elated to find out that Richard is an acquaintance of the famed garden centre proprietor, C.P. Benedict, so decides to have an "indoors outdoors luxury barbeque" with C.P. as the guest of honor. Meanwhile, Daisy is convinced that Onslow is seeing another woman.

    The Commodore
    Acting on her moral sense of duty, Hyacinth volunteers to pick up the guest speaker for the ladies' luncheon. But finding the seafaring commodore turns out to be a little harder than expected.

    Looking at Properties
    Hyacinth delegates Richard to go and collect Daddy from the police station, incognito of course. While Richard is on this special mission, Hyacinth tours around the country looking for a property to buy. Richard however is terrified that Hyacinth will get carried away and buy something they can't afford.

    Please Mind Your Head
    Now that Hyacinth is a part-owner of a mansion, she has begun her endless preparations to invite friends and relatives to visit her new home away from home. But Hyacinth doesn't seem to realize that while the house may be a mansion, their apartment is most certainly not.

    Let There Be Light
    Hyacinth promises the vicar's wife Richard will fix the electricity supply problem in the church hall. While Richard tries his best, Daddy thinks the war is still on.

    Sea Fever
    Hyacinth prepares for her holiday cruise on the QE2 and after a bumpy journey to board the ship, she soon realizes she'll be staying in a most elegant ship. But then, to her horror, she discovers that Onslow and Daisy are also on board the ship. Hyacinth assumes they must have snuck on board and makes plans to get rid of them before the captain realizes they're related.

    Angel Gabriel Blue
    Richard discovers that he has a fungus infection while Hyacinth is in the midst of creating her new dream kitchen. Horrified at Richard's condition, Hyacinth insists that their friends and family must be told it is gout, one of the more aristocratic ailments.

    Season 5
    The Senior Citizen's Outing
    Hyacinth volunteers to take some senior citizens to the seaside for the day. With Elizabeth in tow and Richard driving the minibus, Hyacinth is all set. Until, however, she finds out she will be escorting a travel sick Mrs.Lomax and a romantic Signor Farini.

    The Mayor's Fancy Dress Ball
    Despite the fact that Richard is now retired, Hyacinth is determined to be invited once again to the Mayor's Fancy Dress Ball. Then she must decide what to go as, keeping in mind that Richard will have to chose a costume that goes with hers.

    Hyacinth Is Alarmed
    It's Hyacinth's and Richard's anniversary and Hyacinth can't wait to see what Richard has bought for her as a surprise. But when Richard finds out that he's forgotten their anniversary, he scrambles to come up with a solution, at the last minute.

    Riparian Entertainments
    While strolling along the country side, Hyacinth decides to hold a water-side supper with riparian entertainments, otherwise known as a river-side picnic. Bringing Elizabeth and Emmet and the vicar and his wife, Hyacinth plans the most extraordinary outing, complete with Norweigen prawns and outdoor furniture.

    For Richard's birthday, Hyacinth purchases a brand new pair of skis in the hopes that they will look good on top of the car. Meanwhile, Rose starts dating a Christian fellow and seeks the advice of Hyacinth's vicar of whether or not there is life after death.

    The Country House Sale
    Hyacinth and Richard set out to attend a country house sale and while Hyacinth is most excited about mingling with the aristocracy Richard is worried that Hyacinth will make extravagant purchases.

    The Boy Friend
    When Hyacinth learns that Emmet will soon be presenting a 1920s musical, it isn't long before she sets her sights on a leading role. Over at Daisy's, Daddy is reliving the war while Daisy hopes to have Onslow to herself for the day.

    A Barbecue at Violet's
    Insisting that she is the perfect person to play the lead in Emmet's musical, Hyacinth interrupts Emmet's rehearsals at the church hall in order to show off her musical talents. Then, she decides to hold a 'bon vivant buffet' at Violet's house so that she may show off her singing once again in front of Emmet, Liz, the vicar and his wife.

    The Rolls Royce
    Hyacinth is completely insulted when she is awarded second prize at the local craft fair, and over Lydia Hawksworth. Scandalized even further when she and Richard are overtaken by Lydia's new car, it isn't long before Richard's worst fears are realized and Hyacinth sets her sights on a newer, more expensive Rolls Royce.

    The Hostess
    Hyacinth may yet become the Barbara Cartland of the West Midland social circuit scene. With a new advert in the local paper offering her services as a guide to social etiquette, she cannot wait to hear from her first client.

    The Pageant
    Hyacinth organizes a pageant based on the English Civil War, with herself as Queen Henrietta Maria and Richard as Charles I. But when none of the volunteers show up to play the rest of the cast, Hyacinth asks Daisy, Onslow, Rose to come along with Bruce and Violet to participate..