KJB: The Amazing Tale of the Birth of the King James Bible

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  • The Amazing Tale of the Birth of the King James Bible.

    When Puritans and Anglican bishops argue about the need for a new translation of the Bible, newly crowned James I of England settles the issue by forcing them to work on it together! Seven years later, 50 scholars complete the inspiring text that becomes one of the most beloved treasures of the world. John Rhys-Davies is your engaging host for the docudrama that makes you feel like an eyewitness to how it all happened, from 1567-—the tempestuous year of James’ birth-—to the publication of the KJB in 1611. Filmed on location in Scotland and England, including Westminster Abbey and the University of Oxford. Extras include a 40-minute documentary about the colorful lives of the translators, and their often heated debates.. Cast
    James Bryce...Buchanan
    John Gillespie...Young James
    John-Paul Hurley...John Reynolds
    Steve Murphy...Lord Mounteagle
    John Rhys-Davies...Himself / Presenter
    Andrew Rothney...Adult King James