• Montmartre, Paris. A serial killer is stalking the streets. Five women are dead and people are afraid to go out after dark. The newspapers are rife with speculation. And Chief Superintendent Maigret is without a lead and under great pressure…

    So starts Maigret Sets a Trap, the first film in this new crime drama based on Georges Simenon’s classic novels. It is a story that sees the detective risk everything – his career, his reputation and even his colleagues’ lives – to find the culprit.

    The second film, Maigret’s Dead Man focuses on the murder of a gambler with connections to a brutal gang from Czechoslovakia whose members are robbing and killing wealthy Parisians.

    In Night at the Crossroads Maigret interrogates suspected murderer Carl Andersen for hours. But despite his best efforts, Andersen’s story never slips – he insists he’s innocent. So why was the body of a diamond dealer found on his property, in his car, killed with his gun? And why did he and his mysterious sister Else try to run away?

    In Maigret in Montmartre, Arlette, a stripper in one of the area’s seedy nightclubs, reports a conversation she overheard about an imminent murder. But it’s not until Arlette herself is found strangled that her report is taken seriously. Who was Arlette, why was she killed and who is next?