Mrs. Darlington's Legendary Lemon Curd

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  • Our first ever product and still our biggest seller -– Mrs. Darlington’'s Legendary Lemon Curd. Although much curd today is mass-produced using additives, flavouring and colours, Mrs. Darlington's Curds still use the original recipes -– just like Granny used to make - and contain no artificial colours flavours or preservatives. Lemon Curd is believed to be descended from the curd tarts of the early 17th Century that were known as cheesecakes. The fillings were composed of curds, eggs and spices. Mrs. Darlington'’s curds are fantastic on toast or croissants at breakfast time, or as an easy sandwich filler -– all usually a great hit with children! Our favourite way to eat the curds though is still the traditional way; filling cooked pastry cases with curd to create small tarts – truly delicious! Our luxury curds range with added spirits are particularly good used a filling for sponge cakes and can also be added to the icing as a finishing touch. Made by Mrs. Darlington and Daughters; suitable for vegetarians.


    Sugar, pasteurised whole egg, margarine (vegetable oils (not hydrogenated), palm oil, palm kernel oil (sustainably & ethically sourced), rapeseed oil, water, salt, natural flavouring, lemon Juice (16%), lemon oil.

    No added colours & preservatives. 320g.