No Offence: Series 2 ONLY 1 REMAINING!

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  • Creator Paul Abbott (Shameless) delivers a police procedural with a difference. Set in a crumbling cop shop on the wrong side of Manchester, the darkly comic series follows a group of tough but big-hearted officers, led by the highly capable DI Vivienne Deering (Joanna Scanlan). Deering and her crack team often resort to unconventional methods in order to keep the streets clear of pimps, petty thieves—and killers. 7 episodes, 5 ½ hrs, 2 DVDs, SDH. Mature audiences. Ships in September.

    Episode 1

    Viv leads the police's presence at the funeral of a relative of a local crime syndicate, but a sudden bomb blast interrupts the proceedings. While investigating who would attack Nora Attah, the crime family's matriarch, Viv also tries to suppress what really happened to her husband.

    Episode 2

    When an Irish gang member is murdered, riots break out all over the city and the cells fill with criminals. After attempting to rescue a group of kids from a building set alight by a Molotov cocktail, Dinah confronts Nora without Viv's permission.

    Episode 3

    After responding to a hostage situation at a pub, Viv and the team employ psychology to try to find Nora's weakness. Dinah and Joy search for the women who locked up the children, but Joy is distracted by worries about her upcoming interview.

    Episode 4

    Viv tries to get Nora's son Manni to talk, while the squad arrests several low-level drug dealers. With Joy in denial about the involvement of Ewan, her colleague and new beau, in Nora's criminal empire, Dinah and Viv search his possessions for proof.

    Episode 5

    The police raid Nora's home and arrest Manni for Ewan's murder, but after Manni's release, Viv's boss, DCI Christine Lickberg, takes the case upstairs. After finding a connection to Cathy's sister, Donna, in Nora's forensics, Viv sends Dinah to sort out a strike at an abortion clinic.

    Episode 6

    With Viv on suspension, Lickberg appoints Joy as senior officer in charge of the investigation. While Donna continues spying on Manni, Joy makes a deal with Nora to look into a woman accused of female genital mutilation.

    Episode 7

    The police race to find Donna, unsure what Manni might have done with her. Feeling betrayed by Viv and Joy, Dinah arrests Nora, but the Attahs have one last trick up their sleeves.