The Planet Earth Collection (Blu-Ray)

  • In one of the most ambitious landmark series, Planet Earth allows us to experience the world from the viewpoint of the animals themselves. Travelling through jungles, deserts, mountains, islands, grasslands and cities, this series explores the unique characteristics of Earth’s most iconic habitats and the extraordinary ways animals survive within them. New technology has allowed individual stories to be captured in an unparalleled level of detail. For the first time viewers are immersed in incredible landscapes and share the most dramatic moments in the lives of animals. From spellbinding wildlife spectacle to intimate encounters, Planet Earth will take you closer than ever before.

    Planet Earth I

    1. From Pole to Pole

    2. Mountains

    3. Fresh Water

    4. Caves

    5. Deserts

    6. Ice Worlds

    7. Great Plains

    8. Jungles

    9. Shallow Seas

    10. Seasonal Forests

    11. Ocean Deep

    Planet Earth II

    1. Islands

    2. Mountains

    3. Jungles

    4. Deserts

    5. Grasslands

    6. Cities