Red Dwarf XII (Blu-ray)

  • Red Dwarf XII sees the gang stranded in a scientific research centre populated by several infamous figures from history who’ve been ‘cured’ of evil.

    The Dwarfers also get arrested by the Mechanoid Intergalactic Liberation Front, and Lister, Cat and Rimmer are forced to perform all the menial tasks they gave to Kryten, while Kryten is given a new life of luxury.

    Following a time storm the crew board a ship washed up from the past, where they find that criticism has been made illegal.

    The gang have to contend with out of control corporations that have the ability to make products they don’t produce invisible, and all the machines on board Red Dwarf going on strike, causing Rimmer and Kryten to hold an election.

    We also meet some old friends when Rimmer decides to leave Red Dwarf in search of a dimension where he isn’t such a giant loser.

    With big laughs and dazzling effects, this new series of Red Dwarf recaptures the golden age of the legendary sci-fi sitcom.