Revolting Rhymes ONLY 2 REMAINING!

  • Based on the book written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake, this Academy Award® Nominee for Best Animated Short Film mixes the classic fairy tales of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, The Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Cinderella, and then serves them with a mischievous twist. Will Little Red Riding Hood become a meal for an unwelcome guest? Can Snow White escape the wrath of her evil stepmother? Will the wolf blow Pig's house down? How can Jack get past the Giant and find the golden treasure? Who will Cinderella marry? Narrator Wolf has all the answers, as well as a tale of his own to tell. Featuring the voices of Bertie Carvel, Tamsin Greig, David Walliams and Dominic West. 1 hour on 1 Disc. SDH.