Robin Hood: The Complete Collection ONLY 2 REMAINING!

  • When all hope is lost, one legend lives on: Robin Hood. Robin of Locksley returns home from defending King and country in the Holy Land to find a corrupt and changed Nottingham. The ruthless Sheriff is now in charge, crippling the poor with greedy taxes and severely punishing them for stealing even a loaf of bread. The ever-gallant Robin and his faithful, if slightly unenthusiastic, manservant Much are determined to fight for the good of these oppressed people. Aided by a gang of talented outlaws, Robin fights the Sheriff and his dastardly deeds. Will they succeed in thwarting injustice to relieve the poverty and hunger of the good people of Locksley? A thrilling new retelling of a classic legend packed with comedy, drama, action, adventure, romance and the occasional twist, this is Robin Hood for a new generation.