Scott & Bailey: Season 4 ONLY 5 REMAINING!

  • The personal and professional lives of well-matched Detective Constables Janet Scott and Rachel Bailey take a new direction when the two friends become rivals for promotion to Detective Sergeant. But crime in metropolitan Manchester takes no break during their competition. Join Scott and Bailey as they collect clues in cases of long-missing persons turned corpses in a quarry and on the moors... the murders of a gay man, prostitute, young baby and pub landlord... and slavery on a local farm. Janet finds solace in the arms of her new boyfriend, while DCI Gill Murray finds it in booze and gets caught. A powerful, award-winning crime drama starring Suranne Jones (Unforgiven, Single Father) and Lesley Sharp (Afterlife, Cranford)..

    Honest, powerful and true to life, Scott & Bailey is a refreshing take on crime drama. Rachel Bailey and Janet Scott are detectives with Manchester Metropolitan Police’s prestigious Murder Investigation Team.

    Rachel is energetic, impulsive, and bold, while Janet is subtle, reliable and a diplomatic thinker with a wry sense of humour, which makes her the perfect foil for Rachel.

    Each episode sees Rachel and Janet deal with serious crimes that are both challenging and emotionally difficult as well as cope with their own complex personal lives.

    This series sees both Rachel and Janet in line for promotion. With only one sergeant’s role up for grabs, these two friends must compete against each other.

    A lad'’s trick that goes wrong unearths the body of a woman who disappeared 25 years ago. Old wounds are opened and secrets revealed as Rachel and Janet dig through the archives and re-interview witnesses.

    A woman is found dead in a hotel room. When a witness comes forward to report a sexual encounter that left her feeling uneasy, it seems a dating site could hold the answers.

    An unconscious baby is admitted to hospital with injuries that don’t match his parents’ explanations. But with a child-minder and her stoned boyfriend in the mix, it’s unclear who had the baby’s best interests at heart.

    And a man’s body is found wedged between rocks on the moors. The team appeals for information and when enquiries lead to a nearby farm, they discover something far more sinister and shocking than they could ever have anticipated.

    Elsewhere, Rachel’s mum Sharon is back on the scene. But when Sharon’s new boyfriend ends up in police custody, offering Rachel a glimpse of his file and shockingly violent past, she must decide whether or not to tell her mum.

    Janet has personal issues to deal with when daughter Elise decides to live with Janet’s ex-husband and his new partner Eleanor. Janet decides it’s time to start dating, but struggles to stop herself from interviewing every man like they’re a suspect.

    Rachel starts a new relationship, but because her new lover is a senior ranking police officer, she’s determined to keep it secret.

    And Janet unintentionally sparks trouble for her boss Gill when she raises concerns about Gill’s drinking. Will Gill make it through to retirement with her phenomenal reputation intact?


    Starring Suranne Jones, Lesley Sharp, Amelia Bullmore

    Directors: Simon Delaney, Noreen Kershaw, Neasa Hardiman