Silent Witness: Season 13

  • Forensic pathologists Professor Leo Dalton, Dr Harry Cunningham and Dr Nikki Alexander return in one of the BBC’s most successful and longest-running crime dramas.

    In this series, Leo comes under suspicion for fraud when he cannot produce his post mortem notes for a case he apparently worked on. But before he can prove his innocence, he is violently attacked. Nikki and Harry end up on opposite sides of a high profile case involving the suspicious death of a wealthy banker in her Hampstead home. And Nikki returns to her childhood home of Cape Town when she is hired as a consultant forensic anthropologist by a private investigations firm. Will she be tempted to make her move to South Africa permanent?

    Episode 1 - Intent, Part 1

    Leo comes under suspicion for fraud when an insurance investigator accuses
    him of falsifying a post mortem report, and Harry falls for the charms of an
    attractive former colleague.

    Episode 2 - Intent, Part 2

    Harry puts his professional career on the line to prove his lover's innocence after
    Leo is attacked and Levin turns up dead, but Nikki is concerned that Harry's
    emotions are clouding his professional judgement.

    Episode 3 - Voids, Part 1

    Harry and Nikki try to remain professional when they find themselves on
    opposite sides of a high profile case, but it's not easy as they're both brilliant at
    what they do, and they soon show that every piece of evidence can be
    interpreted at least two ways.

    Episode 4 - Voids, Part 2

    The revelation that Flannery's first wife also died of a stair fall sends Harry to
    Prague to seek evidence to prove the man's guilt. However, Nikki's
    determination to look beyond the police's blinkered investigation leads to further

    Episode 5 - Run, Part 1

    Leo is concerned that the police are involved with a cover-up to protect a rogue
    undercover cop linked to the death of a young woman. The girlfriend of the
    rogue officer asks Leo for help, but before he can act, she disappears.

    Episode 6 - Run, Part 2

    With Danielle missing and her lover on the run, Leo and the police struggle to
    unravel a complex web of deceit. Leo suspects that 'Phil', the undercover cop, is
    somehow linked to all the murders, but can they uncover any hard evidence?

    Episode 7 - Shadows, Part 1

    A crazed shooter goes on the rampage at the university campus where the Lyell
    Centre is situated. Nikki and Harry find themselves trapped in the building and
    do what they can to try and help the wounded.

    Episode 8 - Shadows, Part 2

    Leo's post-mortem of the victims reveals there were two guns used and possibly
    a second shooter. Nikki finds herself face to face with the suspected second
    gunman, but she realises there may be a bigger plan in play.

    Episode 9 - Home, Part 1

    Nikki returns to her childhood home of Cape Town when she is hired as a
    consultant forensic anthropologist by a private investigation firm. Leo and Harry
    are also in town for a conference, but become involved in an investigation into
    the death of a young girl.

    Episode 10 - Home, Part 2

    Harry and Sarah discover a link between the deaths of two more young girls and
    the first body. Meanwhile, Nikki is forced to make some hard choices when she
    discovers that Anton has been less than honest with her.