Silent Witness: Season 16

  • Every body tells a story: who they were, how they lived, and most importantly, how they died.
    Silent Witness follows a team of expert pathologists, including Dr Nikki Alexander and Professor Leo Dalton, as they investigate suspicious deaths. In this series the irrepressible Jack Hodgson, a talented forensic scientist, joins the team as head of a new forensics department. Jack joins Nikki as she investigates the murder of a pub landlady. Her husband Roly is the prime suspect, but as Nikki and Jack piece together evidence, inconsistencies lead Nikki to believe Roly is innocent. Elsewhere, Leo, Nikki and Jack find themselves in war-torn Afghanistan to identify a body thought to be that of a British soldier who went missing five years earlier.

    Episode 1 – Change Part 1

    When John Briggs, a wealthy business owner, is found dead, Nikki
    works with forensic scientist Jack Hodgson to convince DI Gold it's
    murder. Leo, warned by the Home Office to rethink the Lyell Centre's
    operations, helps Nikki prove Briggs died from a mysterious allergic
    reaction. However, as suited sharks circle to buy Briggs' ailing company,
    Jack believes someone exploited this allergy to kill.

    Episode 2 – Change Part 2

    Whilst Nikki, Leo and Jack struggle to ascertain how Deanna was killed
    and ended up in the Thames, DI Gold focuses on two main suspects in
    John Briggs' inner circle. However, when Geraldine makes a sinister
    confession about why she gave her daughter up for adoption and
    disowned her wealthy family, it dramatically changes the course of the
    investigation. With the family's skeletons in the closet now exposed for
    all to see, the future of the ailing company hangs precariously in the
    balance. But when a third murder victim is found, it gives the team the
    forensic evidence to unravel the mysterious motives and smoke out
    the killer.

    Episode 3 – Trust Part 1

    The case of two young women shot dead in a house basement forces
    Jack to lock horns with an old flame, the ambitious DI Chrissy Reed. As
    the pair's animosity rapidly escalates due to their conflicting motive
    theories and failure to ID the victims, Nikki's probing unearths the
    potentially career-damaging truth behind it.

    Episode 4 – Trust Part 2

    As the basement women case highlights two cooperating killers, Nikki,
    Jack and DI Reed realise one victim was killed by a controlled sedative,
    stolen from a high-tech vaccine research lab. And suspicion falls on
    Lucas Ballinger, a scientist who works there. Meanwhile, Leo draws a
    blank with his theory that Shona's baby died of natural causes, but
    when he discovers Mark's violent past, Leo fears Shona may have
    taken the rap for her partner's child abuse.

    Episode 5 – True Love Waits Part 1

    When a pub landlady is stabbed to death and her little finger cut off,
    her husband, Roly, is the prime suspect. However, as Nikki, Jack, and
    emotionally fragile detective, DI Kate Warren, piece together mounting
    evidence, inconsistences lead Nikki to believe Roly's innocent. And
    she's desperate to reunite him with his traumatised daughter, Emma,
    who faces a life in foster care if her father is imprisoned.

    Episode 6 – True Love Waits Part 2

    When arrested and interrogated by DI Kate Warren, Alan Lane
    vehemently protests his innocent and insists he never killed his wife
    Imogen, but when Jack and Nikki fail to get concrete evidence in time
    to charge him, Lane walks free. However, when the team finally
    unearth the shocking truth about Imogen's murder, it exposes a web of
    lies and deceit which puts those connected to the case in imminent
    danger from the sinister Alan Lane.

    Episode 7 – Legacy Part 1

    Nikki and Jack are under pressure when a teenager's remains halt an
    eco-housing project, whilst Leo's trapped in a dangerous hospital siege
    as distraught Tom Hancock holds a ward at gunpoint to turn off his
    terminally ill son's life support. Leo agrees to do his son's post-mortem
    to diffuse the situation, and becomes embroiled in Tom's quest for the
    truth behind his son's cancerous tumours.

    Episode 8 – Legacy Part 2

    Whilst Nikki and Jack close the net on Brian Blackburn's troubled son
    for murdering his co-worker at the eco-housing project, Leo finally
    finds someone willing to confirm his fear about the mysterious local
    health hazard. But when his would-be-informant is found murdered,
    Leo's convinced he was the victim of a government conspiracy to
    conceal the truth. And during his dogged efforts to expose the cause of
    the health hazard, Leo begins to suspect that Nikki's new man, Science
    Minister James Embleton, and his belligerent father, may be linked to a
    ruthless plot to silence him, which leaves Leo battling alone to seek
    justice and save future lives.

    Episode 9 – Greater Love Part 1

    British Army Corporal Scott Lambert requests Leo's expertise in
    identifying human remains unearthed in Afghanistan, believed to be
    those of his brother Daniel, who went missing in action five years ago,
    suspected of being captured by the Taliban. Anxious Leo, Nikki and
    Jack head for the war-torn country in search of the truth about the
    soldier's mysterious disappearance.

    Episode 10 – Greater Love Part 2

    Nikki, Jack and Leo struggle to identify the human remains with only
    sections of skeleton found and basic forensic facilities, but believe Dan
    Lambert must have been captured by the Taliban, executed and buried.
    Whilst Leo grows closer to charity worker Fawzia, Nikki and Jack find
    and assemble the skull fragments and make an unnerving discovery
    that challenges their theory of what happened to Dan Lambert.