SuperNature - Wild Flyers ONLY 1 REMAINING!

  • A new perspective on the power of flight. The sky is one of the world’s most challenging places to live, but across the planet an extraordinary range of animals do something we can only dream of – take to the air. Some spend their whole lives airborne, others only visit – but they all have one thing in common; they only survive by taking to the skies. SuperNature: Wild Flyers will reveal the incredible adaptations; tactics and brand new discoveries that explain how these animals have mastered the sky and why they all need it to survive. Defying Gravity How do animals overcome one of the planet’s most powerful and universal forces – gravity? Mastering the Skies How do the planets strongest flyers push the limits of flight right to the very edge? Crowded Skies How do flying creatures outfly each other to survive in the crowed world of the sky?