The Case Files of Sherlock Holmes

  • Whatever happened to the telegrams, maps, confessions, letters, notes and photographs collected by Dr. John Watson during the course of his astounding adventures with Sherlock Holmes? What if a retired Edinburgh professor preserved Watson’s records, complete with vital evidence from six of Holmes’ most celebrated cases—A Scandal in Bohemia, The Red-Headed League, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Boscombe Valley Mystery, The Dancing Men and The Final Problem? Behold such a collection, including 18 artifacts with meticulously replicated tear stains, rips and folds, now preserved for your examination. Even life-long Holmes fans will discover exciting new dimensions in each case. Hardcover with slipcase. 63 lavishly illustrated pages; 18 removable items in six evidence bags.. Sherlock Holmes's beloved detective stories all have their origin in notes taken by Holmes's friend and biographer, Dr. John Watson. Now, fans can peek at this precious preliminary material, from letters to newspaper articles. The scrapbook includes Watson's sketches of the paw prints discovered near the body of Sir Charles Baskerville; the address label from the gruesome parcel sent to Susan Cushing in “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box”; and Holmes's final, heartrending letter to Watson before his violent struggle with Moriarty in “The Final Problem.” All of the items are reproduced as genuine historical artifacts, complete with tears, stains, folds, and handwritten annotations—and 18 of them are in special “evidence” bags on the page, so you can remove them for a close-up look.