The Fall: Series 3 ONLY 1 REMAINING!

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  • There are several definitions to being a hunter, and this psychological thriller explores two. One is a hunter of people – a serial killer with an agenda, hunting down and slaughtering victims in and surrounding Belfast. While the other is a determined, talented Detective with hidden personal issues and demons of her own. Both are set on a collision course as the detective is brought in to investigate, and eventually capture, the elusive serial killer. Their paths tangle numerous times in different crime scenes, one taunting the other until both are caught in a web of psychology, brutality, and intellect.

    Episode 1: Gillian Anderson returns as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson in The Fall. She has arrested Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) - but will he survive the gunshot wounds? Will he ever face justice?

    Episode 2: Gibson and Burns raise the ire of their superiors for their conduct and handling of the case. Also: The media's treatment of Spector enrages Katie.

    Episode 3: As Spector's health stabilizes, his legal team, led by Sean Healy, move into action, determined he will never stand trial. Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson discovers evidence that there may be more victims.

    Episode 4: Gibson comes face to face with the depths of Sally-Ann's desperation, while Burns has to confront his guilt at pursuing Sally-Ann as a conspirator rather than a witness.

    Episode 5: Spector's legal team are determined that he will never stand trial. Anderson and Ferrington make a discovery from the past that may help Gibson build her case.

    Episode 6: Stella Gibson has finally arrested Paul Spector, but he has been shot leaving the staff at Belfast General Hospital battling to save his life.