The First World War

  • The savagery of the fighting, the appalling conditions endured by the soldiers, and the sheer scale of the carnage have seared images of World War I into the public memory. This book captures the wide sweep of the conflict, describing the development of the fighting from 1914–1918, and spotlighting obscure but important actions, major battles, and the soldiers who risked their lives. It covers such subjects as the Western and Eastern Fronts, US entry into the war in 1917, the war in Africa, the Russian Revolution, the war at sea, the role of women, and diplomacy in war. Combining a vivid narrative informed by up-to-date research with an array of original documents and memorabilia, including photographs, propaganda, newspapers, personal letters, and military orders, The First World War Remembered brings to life one of the most terrible periods of warfare the world has ever known.

    Professor Gary Sheffield is the foremost authority on World War One and his books have been published in the US, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan, as well as being bestsellers in the UK. He frequently leads parties to historic battlefields, specializing in the Western Front and Gallipoli, and the World War II battlefields of France and Italy. His books include Forgotten Victory: The First World War—Myths and Realities (Headline Review), The Somme (Phoenix), and Douglas Haig: War Diaries and Letters 1914–18 (Weidenfeld & Nicolson), edited with John Bourne.