The Last Post

  • Aden, 1965. The men of the British Royal Military Police are battling a fierce insurgency. Tensions are heightened in the heat of the desert; any lapse in luck or judgement means death.

    But life and love must continue. The ‘60s are starting to swing: sexual liberation, seductive new music and outrageous fashions have hit the sun loungers of the glamorous BP Club.

    Newlywed, and newly appointed to his first post, Captain Joe Martin dutifully settles into the role of model husband and officer, repressing a restless need for something more. His wife Honor is desperate to please her new partner. But how well does she know the man she’s married?

    Feisty Alison couldn’t be more different to innocent young Honor, and revels in leading her new friend gloriously astray. Her husband, Lieutenant Ed Laithwaite, is a progressive thinker who separates himself from the rest of the troops, at odds with the arrogance of empire.

    Mary Markham puts loyalty, service and discretion above all else. She’s married to Major Harry Markham, a principled leader whose greatest pride is never having lost a soldier serving under him.

    But here, isolated in this unknown country, nothing is certain, and relationships are tested as pressure and passions intensify. This bitter war brings danger and betrayal, and will question the code these dedicated soldiers live by.