Tunya: The Lion Prince

  • Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia, Africa is home to numerous animals big and small; it’s basically one huge wildlife neighborhood. And in this neighborhood, some animals are good friends and some are definitely enemies, but everyone respects the King of the Beasts: The Lion. With his pride backing him up, he’s the indisputable leader of the gang. But even for a king and his pride, life can be a struggle. When one particular group of orphaned lion cubs are forced to grow up without their parents or an established pride, it takes a natural leader amongst them to rise up and take his place as the ruler of the next generation.

    Meet Tunya! Named after the mighty Mosi-oa-Tunya Falls that gives life to so many here, he is the future leader that the group of orphaned cubs need. Tunya and his new family are only a few weeks old and just taking their first steps, but with a little human help and a rigorous curriculum at Lion School, they can stay focused on the mission to create their own wild pride with their own noble leader.