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Sherlock Holmes' Book of Conundrums

Sherlock Holmes' Book of Conundrums


Tickle and exercise your brain with 200 mental workouts inspired by the Master Detective and the Victorian Age. Dare yourself to accomplish feats that test your perception, memory, creativity, logic, math, problem-solving, and out-ofthe- box thinking. As you solve dastardly dilemmas, you’ll earn the gratitude of Dr. Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Inspector Lestrade, the vicar, the gunslinger, six gentlemen in a murderous manor, and many more. Hours of brain-stretching fun, with 200 supremely satisfying solutions. Hardcover; 228 richly illustrated pages.

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Feats that test you lateral thinking, perception, memory, creativity, mathematical, logic, and problem solving abilities.  Complete these mental work outs and become as sharp as the Great Detective.  


Sherlock Holmes' Book of Conundrums provides a uniquely absorbing experience quite unlike any other puzzle publication: all material is themed around Sherlock Holmes, the Victorian era, and early 20th century, and backed-up with rich and carefully chosen illustrations.

Each puzzle's solution can be found in the back of the book, but a mysterious sealed page contains the answers to the three most fiendish puzzles. There's something for every puzzle lover, which difficulty ranging from simple puzzles to challenging conundrums designed to challenge even puzzle aficionados.

200 puzzles are held within these pages and they work a variety of different parts of your brain. The puzzles cover a diverse range of topics, and include a generous selection of lateral thinking teasers. You'll also enjoy challenges for perception, memory, creativity, problem solving, math, and logic conundrums. Complete these mental work outs and become as sharp as the Great Detective himself.
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Brand: Sherlock Holmes
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 228 Pages & 115 images
UPC Code : 9780785835844