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Silent Witness: Season 14

Silent Witness: Season 14

Dead bodies speak the shocking truth to London University’s team of forensic pathologists. A young girl’s rape and murder may be more than Nikki can bear. A gruesome case in Sheffield puts a strain on Leo’s relationship with Janet. And the death of a pregnant prostitute in Budapest holds dire consequences for Harry and his lover, Anna. How to explain the second bullet in the skull of an apparent suicide victim who witnessed a murder in Afghanistan? What’s behind the cover-up of a shooting at the Dutch Embassy? Even the answers may leave you guessing in five complex, two-part episodes of the BBC’s award-winning crime drama series, “... going from strength to strength” (Guardian).
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Forensic pathologists Professor Leo Dalton, Dr Harry Cunningham and Dr Nikki Alexander return in one of the BBC’s most successful and longest-running crime dramas. In this series Nikki becomes increasingly disturbed after carrying out the postmortem of a young girl and while on secondment in Sheffield, Nikki is asked to investigate a mysterious, ancient body that has been unearthed from a peat moor. The team also investigates two suspicious suicides - a young woman, pulled from a river near an army base and a soldier in training, shot in the face. As the police investigation builds, the team starts to wonder if these two deaths are linked…

Episode 1 - A Guilty Mind, Part 1
When the pathologists investigate three suspicious deaths in one night on the same ward, it looks like hospital staff may be behind their murders. Nikki becomes increasingly disturbed by a rape and murder case involving a young child.

Episode 2 - A Guilty Mind, Part 2
Nikki's mental instability worsens, and Harry and Leo are forced to get her psychiatric help. But then when the true identity of the murderer is discovered, it becomes a race against time to save Nikki's life.

Episode 3 - Lost, Part 1
Leo finds himself haunted by past memories when he returns to Sheffield after an ancient body is unearthed on Bleaklow Moor.

Episode 4 - Lost, Part 2
Leo investigates a potential copycat killing, but the team are starting to wonder if Karl Bentley was wrongly convicted, leaving the real murderer free to set out on a new killing spree.

Episode 5 - First Casualty, Part 1
As Nikki investigates the drowning of a young mother, Harry is called to an apparent suicide at a nearby army base; it soon starts to look like the cases may be linked.

Episode 6 - First Casualty, Part 2
Having established that Lieutenant Lockford was murdered, Leo makes a startling breakthrough, and the investigation begins to unmask a dark secret at Hillsdon Army Base.

Episode 7 - Bloodlines, Part 1
When human rights lawyer Anna Sandor calls Harry to Budapest to investigate the death of a client, they start to uncover a sinister underworld conspiracy, putting both their lives in danger.

Episode 8 - Bloodlines, Part 2
With Harry dead and Leo and Nikki getting nowhere with the police, the pathologists struggle to clear Harry's name, while the police seem intent on covering up a wider conspiracy.

Episode 9 - The Prodigal, Part 1
After a major incident at the Dutch Embassy, Harry and Nikki are removed from the case when the Dutch decide to appoint their own pathologist.

Episode 10 - The Prodigal, Part 2
When the Van Burens' au pair commits suicide, the pathologists start to unravel the truth behind the embassy shootings, and a dark family secret is exposed.

Additional Information
Format: DVD
Show: Silent Witness
Genre: Mystery
Run Time: 8 1/2 hours
Number of Discs: 3
Region: Region 1
UPC Code : 883929672356
Cast: Starring
William Gaminara as Professor Leo Dalton
Spooks, Hope and Glory, Casualty
Tom Ward as Dr Harry Cunningham
Instinct, Hawking
Emilia Fox as Dr Nikki Alexander
Born Equal, Cashback, Henry VIII
Richard Burrell
Filth – The Mary Whitehouse Story
Executive Producer
Phillippa Giles
Luther, Emma, Jane EyreYeah all good
Editorial Reviews: “Most drama series are dying
on their feet by the time they
reach their 14th year, yet
Silent Witness has been going
from strength to strength”
Episodes: 10
Number of Discs: 3 Discs