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Silent Witness: Season 2

Silent Witness: Season 2

If the living told the truth, forensic pathologist Dr. Samantha Ryan wouldn’t have to spend so much time examining the dead. The living want us to believe that an Asian boxer died of a fatal blow in an exhibition fight, an AIDS sufferer died of AIDS, a young woman was stabbed by her jealous husband, and an old woman was beaten to death by a violent alcoholic. But the dead tell different stories with their grim clues in this powerful crime- thriller.
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If the living told the truth, forensic pathologist Dr. Samantha Ryan wouldn’t have to spend so much time examining the dead. The living want us to believe that an Asian boxer died of a fatal blow in an exhibition fight, an AIDS sufferer died of AIDS, a young woman was stabbed by her jealous husband, and an old woman was beaten to death by a violent alcoholic. But the dead tell different stories with their grim clues in this powerful crime- thriller.. A year has elapsed since the first series, and Sam and Wyn have buried their mother. Sam's professional and emotional life is further complicated by the arrival of Detective Superintendent Peter Ross, an ambitious man with whom she shares a troubled past and a potentially exciting future. This series tackles a double-dealing in the boxing world; suspicious deaths in a community devastated by AIDS; an office affair which leads to murder; and the mysterious death of an elderly lady, where Sam's theory does not tie up with the police's view of events.. Blood, Sweat and Tears (Part 1)
Young, highly successful Asian boxer, Kevin Sharma, drives his car onto a building site. Minutes later, he drags his bruised and bloody body out of a skip, leaving Tony Kennedy, the man he has just knocked down, still inside. Six weeks later, Sam Ryan and Trevor Stewart are in a hotel suite. Retired Superintendent Jack Reeve and boxing promoter Keith Jones are hosting an exhibition boxing match at which Sharma is topping the bill.The fight is over almost before it has begun and Sharma lies dying in the ring.
Suddenly Sam finds she has two problems on her hands: how to deal with the reappearance of her former lover (the new Chief Superintendent Peter Ross) and whether Kevin Sharma’s death was caused by more than the previous night’s fight.
It seems that everyone has an interest in Sharma and what will happen to the gym at which he used to train. St Paul’s Corinthian Boxing Club has a reputation for bringing on young boxers from poor backgrounds. It was run by Terry Cross up until six months ago, when he was the victim of a hit-and-run. He is now confined to a wheelchair, unable to communicate, while his daughter Terri struggles on with the support of most of the fighters, which included Sharma and a young black boxer called Charlie.
The police accept that Sharma’s death is suspicious and an investigation begins.Terri tries to prove to anyone who will listen that Sharma’s death had nothing to do with the gym. She relies heavily on Keith Jones, a long-standing family and business friend, to help her fend off the boxing board (Jack Reeve is trying to get her training licence revoked). Just as Sam and Ross finally manage to steal an evening together, news arrives that Terri Cross has been found with her head blown open by a shotgun.

Blood, Sweat and Tears (Part 2)
The investigation widens. Sam quickly realises that Terri’s death could not have been suicide but she still has to prove it. Meanwhile the police are fitting together the pieces of a too-coincidental puzzle. At the gym everything is in turmoil, until Keith Jones comes to the rescue. Presenting Charlie with a brand-new car and the promise of future success, he declares that he will take over the running of St Paul’s, look after Terry and bring in a new trainer:Tony Kennedy.
But now the pieces of the puzzle start to fit into place.
Charlie drives to the building site, trying to find out what happened on the night of Terri’s death.
Ross is convinced that Keith Jones is not the benevolent man he pretends to be and Sam is sure she can place him at the cottage at the time of Terri’s death. Ross and his team go to Peterborough to pick up Kennedy, whilst Sam goes back to the cadaver, picking meticulously over each piece of skin, searching for the forensic clue she needs.A single hair, the root still intact, seen under the microscope proves that Jones must have seen Terri on the night she died. This, with the other evidence, is enough to prosecute. They now know that Kennedy was responsible, under Jones’s instruction, for Terry’s accident.

Cease Upon The Midnight (Part 1)
In the consulting rooms of a large hospital, Mark Tate realises that he is now entering the final stages of AIDS. Later that day, his brother Craig sits waiting for his mother Isobel, hoping that a reconciliation may be possible. In another part of Cambridge, another AIDS sufferer, Stuart Evans, throws a party to celebrate his 40th birthday.The following morning he lies dead. Sam is called in to conduct a post mortem.
Sam quickly deduces that someone injected Evans through a vein in his foot with a lethal dose of diamorphine, then smothered him with a lavender pillow.The police begin tentative enquiries.The consultant in charge of Evans was Dr de Groot. Mark Tate, another of her patients, has also died very recently. DS Ross orders the exhumation of Mark’s body.The police discover another link between the two dead men: Mark’s brother Craig was also at Evans’ party.

Cease Upon The Midnight (Part 2)
The hunt is on for Craig Tate. He was at Evans’ party, he had recently had an argument with his dead brother Mark and in his flat the police have found a quantity of cannabis and a framed picture of Mark, smashed to pieces and covered in blood. But why kill men in the final stages of a terminal illness? Could it have been mercy killing? However, as Ross points out,“Killing people is wrong; there are no grey areas.There is no such concept as euthanasia in English law.”
De Groot, with her medical knowledge and Dutch background, becomes the obvious suspect, but she has alibis for both deaths. Craig, meanwhile, has been released and seeks solace from Danny, an old school-friend who is HIV positive.Through Danny, Craig learns more about his brother and his illness. Sam realises that the forensic evidence leads to only one conclusion. Late one afternoon, she visits Reverend Duffy at his parish church. Her suspicions are confirmed but what she finds is a passionately committed man who helped individuals in profound suffering to make a choice and end their lives with dignity, even though it goes against the very nature of his calling. Sam leaves him to collect his papers, see his wife and then turn himself in to the police. After a game of squash, Craig and Danny talk more frankly than either has been able to do before. Danny finds himself asking Craig to be his witness, should he ever need to call on the services of Reverend Duffy. Suddenly everything about his brother’s death becomes clear to Craig.
At the end of the day, at the local church, Duffy is found dead in a pool of blood. Craig is arrested and the truth about Mark’s death is revealed in a video.

Only The Lonely (Part 1)
A young woman walks home alone through the dark streets. Her pace quickens as she thinks she hears someone behind her. Suddenly she turns to confront the shadow, then relaxes as she realises it is someone she knows. Ross is working late because Sam has again cancelled at the last minute.Their relationship has suffered because of their clashes at work and Sam feels responsible for Andrew Duffy’s death.
Ross has his team concentrating onto unsolved cases and it seems almost a coincidence when the body of Helen Matthews is found. Her murder is similar to one committed a year ago.
Initially everything seems to point to Helen’s husband, Mike, being the culprit. Selway and Speed discover that Helen was planning to leave Mike and fly to Canada with her lover, Alan, the morning after she was killed. Matthews is the manager of a small private airfield and Alan is his Senior Flying Instructor. Everyone in the office knew that Alan and Helen had been having an affair, and Mike must have suspected too.
One woman, Carolyn, seems particularly distressed by the news of Helen’s death. There is something strange about Carolyn; she is very shy, avoids looking at people for too long and holds her left hand behind her to hide the fact that she has an extra little finger. Carolyn goes to Heathrow Airport to tell Alan about Helen. She immediately takes control of his grief and, as the police investigation gains momentum, she packs her bags, leaves her emotionally abusive mother, Iris, behind and turns up at Alan’s house with the intention of looking after him.
But Alan has other plans; he intends to take up a job offer in Canada – there is nothing for him in England now. Sam and Ross finally spend an evening together. Initially everything seems to go well until Sam finally tells him about Duffy. She leaves his house not knowing if they have a relationship any more.
Meanwhile, someone stabs Alan through the heart and then brutally attacks his eyes.

Only The Lonely (Part 2)
The police are still convinced that Matthews is responsible for his wife’s death, until one of the team points out to Ross an old case file. Eight years before, a man called Baxter was killed in exactly the same way as Alan. Ross asks Sam to compare the Baxter case with Helen and Alan’s bodies. Sam is losing her patience, but she re-examines the two bodies and discovers not only small deposits of metal fibres on both bodies (as were reported on Baxter’s body at the time), but also a faint sixth bruise, not initially apparent.The suspect must have a sixth finger on the left hand. Matthews is released and the hunt for Carolyn begins. Carolyn is determined to get Alan back, and has already been turned away from the mortuary once. She moves into Alan’s flat, the police having finished collecting all the evidence they needed from it.
While Speed and Selway await Carolyn at Alan’s flat and Ross is finishing some work before meeting Sam, Carolyn again confronts Sam in the mortuary, demanding at knifepoint that she release Alan’s body. Sam tries to reason with her and Carolyn admits that not only did she kill her father, Baxter, Helen and Alan, but also why she did it.

Friends Like These (Part 1)
Scrub Hill – a soulless, rundown, inner- city estate. Surrounded by streets of houses and low-rise apartments, a large area of waste-ground stretches into scrub at one end and a makeshift children’s playground at the other. Chris Palmer spends much of each day drinking endless bottles of beer while he and his dog watch the world go by. On the ropes of the playground, restless teenagers show off to each other about their schemes to take over the streets and run the community as it should be run. Two of these 15 year- olds, Kelvin and Ben, watch as Palmer talks to a smaller boy, Lyndon O’Connor. To these boys, Lyndon is marked; he needs to learn who runs the place. Palmer promises to give Lyndon one of the dog’s new puppies if he will come round to the house later to choose it. Lyndon reluctantly goes off with the two boys.
Every evening at five o’clock, an old woman called Millicent walks her dog across the waste-ground before going home for her tea. On this same day, she never returns home.
Sam Ryan and Peter Ross are spending a quiet lunchtime together when the police radio summons them to the scene of crime. Kelvin and Ben stand shivering by a marked car as DS Speed explains to them that they will have to talk to a child welfare officer about what they have found. The two boys get into the car.
After an initial examination, Sam is convinced that the badly beaten body of the old woman has been there some while: between 12 and 36 hours. The police investigations swings into action. Such a mindless and brutal crime demands quick results, but the community of Scrub Hill refuse to help, even though it is one of their own who has been murdered. DI Selway requests a reconstruction and Kelvin and Ben agree to re-enact their discovery of the body for the cameras. The police are convinced they have their villain: Chris Palmer fits the bill completely – an alcoholic with a record of violent crime. But Sam has little specific forensic evidence and the actual details of how Millicent sustained her injuries have been shielded from the press.
On the afternoon of the reconstruction, Ross decides to release details of the gold watch torn from her victim’s wrist. Sam leaves him to it and heads for the local café. Kelvin and Ben push past her, playing with a bottle of ketchup. Sam is transfixed: the boys are re-creating with sugar teeth and the ketchup bottle the exact details of the crime – details she knows only the perpetrators would know…

Friends Like These (Part 2)
The following day, Sam reports to Ross and Selway what she has seen, but they are sceptical. Overnight a local shopowner has brought forward a videotape showing Palmer selling the missing watch and in their eyes this confirms his guilt.
Sam is forced to put her job on the line to prove that they are wrong and that this horrifying crime was committed by two 15-year-old boys. As she pursues the truth, the relationship between Ben and Kelvin deteriorates. Ben is the victim of continuous physical and emotional abuse from his father, Josef, while Kelvin comes from a large single-parent family with an elder half-brother in jail. As with many emotionally deprived kids, they take their anger out on others. Lyndon, pushed to the edge by their bullying, finally hangs himself. Sam knows she must find Kelvin and help him to admit what he has done.
Sam’s unprofessional conduct in this case is the talk of the police station. Ross finds himself torn between his personal feelings and his professional responsibilities. Appalled by the discovery that Sam has pursued her theory against his express wishes and in doing so has jeopardised any case he might be building, he feels morally obliged to report her to the Coroner and the Police. Sam is devastated.
But the boys are arrested and, in a video-recorded interview with Selway, Kelvin confesses. Sam is completely vindicated, but Ross’s lack of faith in her has profoundly undermined their relationship and she brushes off his attempts at reconciliation. She still has to face the police enquiry which he instigated; she may still lose her job.. Series Cast
William Gaminara... Professor Leo Dalton / ... (106 episodes, 2002-2013)
Emilia Fox... Dr. Nikki Alexander / ... (100 episodes, 2004-2015)
Tom Ward... Dr. Harry Cunningham / ... (96 episodes, 2002- 2012)
Amanda Burton... Sam Ryan (44 episodes, 1996-2004)
David Caves... Jack Hodgson (22 episodes, 2013-2015)
Liz Carr... Clarissa / ... (22 episodes, 2013-2015)
William Armstrong... Dr. Trevor Stewart / ... (19 episodes, 1996-1998)
Sam Parks... Fred Dale / ... (19 episodes, 1996-1998)
Ruth McCabeRuth McCabe... Wyn Ryan (17 episodes, 1996- 1998)
Jaye Griffiths... Janet Mander / ... (17 episodes, 2003- 2012)
Richard Lintern... Dr. Thomas Chamberlain (12 episodes, 2014-2015)
Ruth Gemmell... Kerry Cox / ... (11 episodes, 1996-2014)
Richard Huw... D.S. Tony Speed / ... (9 episodes, 1997- 2006)
John McGlynn... Tom Adams / ... (8 episodes, 1996)
Mick Ford... Det. Supt. Peter Ross / ... (8 episodes, 1997)
Clare Higgins... D.S. Farmer / ... (8 episodes, 1996)
Nicola Redmond... D.I. Rachel Selway / ... (8 episodes, 1997)
Janice Acquah... Marcia Evans (8 episodes, 1996)
Matthew Steer... Ricky Ryan (8 episodes, 1996)
Arsher Ali... Zak Khan (8 episodes, 2011)
Milo Twomey... P.C. North / ... (8 episodes, 1996)
Chris Cowlin... Police Officer (8 episodes, 2014-2015)
Doreen Hepburn... Beryl Ryan (7 episodes, 1996)
Mark Letheren... D.S. Rob Bradley / ... (6 episodes, 1998-2012)
Ian Keith... P.C. Jarvis (6 episodes, 1996)
Jane Hazlegrove... Rosemary Mason / ... (6 episodes, 2002)
Additional Information
Format: DVD
Show: Silent Witness
Run Time: 464 minutes
Region: Region 1
Starring: Amanda Burton
Episodes: 8
ISBN: 883929456130
Number of Discs: 3