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Silent Witness: Season 9

Silent Witness: Season 9

You’ll wonder whether Professor Leo Dalton wants justice—or revenge—for the deaths his wife and child. Then race to the scene of a drive-by shooting littered with dying gang members. Why did kidnappers kill their victim before they delivered the ransom note? And what connects four apparently unrelated suicides. Collect the grisly clues in four two-part episodes.
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The departure of Professor Sam Ryan in the last series means that the forensic pathology department is now headed by doctors Leo Dalton and Harry Cunningham. Firmly established new recruit Nikki Alexander has become an indispensable member of the department. Together they must tackle a variety of mysterious and suspicious deaths: a spate of drive-by shootings, the result of a ongoing local turf war; a possible copycat sex killer preying on women in both London and Amsterdam; and an emotional return to Sheffield for Leo, to track down the crime boss who murdered his wife and child.

1. Ghosts
Part 1
Leo receives some devastating news from home and has to set off immediately for Sheffield, where he meets DSI Ryan Elliot (Nicholas Gleaves) and his colleague, DI Erin Jacobs (Noma Dumezweni). Nikki, meanwhile, is called out to the river where the bodies of two unidentified women have been discovered, a few days old, both apparently shot execution-style. Harry travels to Sheffield to assist Leo and they clash over the way that Leo is handling things. He believes that something doesn’t add up, and it’s clear that he intends to investigate further. They fall out and Harry returns to London, saddened that he was unable to help his friend.

Part 2
Narrowly escaping a beating, Leo is rescued by Erin. The police raid the unit and discover the body of Armstrong (Simon Meacock), the man linking the investigations in London and Sheffield. However, Leo is still not prepared to co-operate with a police team he doesn’t trust. He goes underground and returns to keeping tabs on Dawson and his associates in the club. Meanwhile, Harry and Nikki have realised that maybe Leo was correct after all – something’s not right. They return to Sheffield and find Leo. He’s a man on a mission of vengeance, still paranoid and full of rage, but they are able to persuade him to come in from the cold.

Part 1
The team is called to a drive-by shooting outside a London nightclub. They arrive amidst carnage; a number of people are lying dead or dying on the ground. The team is joined by Detective Superintendent Ferguson (John McEnery) and Detective Sergeant Connelly (Craig Kelly), from the Operation Trident team, who shed some light on the situation. Ferguson believes that the event is part of an ongoing turf war between various drug gangs. As the team start the painstaking process of a fingertip search, they discover another bullet embedded in the opposite side of the road, which signals that the crowd were shot at from two directions and with two different weapons. It is clear that someone retaliated. In order to establish who fired the pistol, they take swabs from everyone at the scene, including club owner Ainsley Modest (Q), whose girlfriend was caught up in the incident.

Part 2
As Leo, Harry and Nikki continue their search for an explanation of the shootings, they discover that they were part of a classic underworld move. A local gang led by T Boy Thomas (Tyronne Lewis) is offering to take a share in Modest’s club in return for added muscle. If Modest agrees they will gradually ease him out completely; if he doesn’t, he will be forced to fight it out.

The Meaning Of Death
Part 1
Nikki begins to question the meaning of life and death after attending her grandmother’s funeral. Meanwhile, Harry is called to investigate the death of Dawn Pivcevic, who seemingly drowned in a paddling pool containing three inches of water. Dawn’s husband, Chris (Velibor Topic), claims that he had left her to go indoors for a few moments, but returned to find her dead in the pool, and her expensive necklace missing. Dawn’s sister and niece were also at the flat at the time, and Harry gets off on the wrong foot with DCI Mumford (Paul Panting), with whom he’s working on the case

Part 2
Harry’s investigation comes to an end, as he concludes that Dawn Pivcevic died from natural causes. When Harry discovers that Dawn had been in the very earliest stages of pregnancy, he pieces together what happened. The heat, wine and pregnancy all played a role in the tragic accident: Dawn blew up the paddling pool, fainted, hit her head and fell unconscious in the water. But there’s another shock when Harry tells Dawn’s husband, Chris, the news. He reveals that it was a miracle that Dawn was pregnant because they had tried IVF several times and had just given up hope.

Mind and Body
Part 1
Nikki is called to the suicide of Kevin Perry. The young man's death appears to be just routine, but shortly afterwards it seems that someone is on a killing spree on the streets of London. In a very short time, two men are killed and a third injured. The culprit is David Nicholson, a paranoid schizophrenic who has been treated by Dr Morrie Sanders (Richard Hope) at the January House Care Centre. Nikki is concerned that an apparently dangerous psychotic has been allowed back into the community, but Sanders assures her that, as far as he knows, his treatment had been successful.

Part 2
Nikki’s investigation takes an unexpected turn when she reaches January House Care Centre and finds that Morrie has tried to commit suicide. Both Nicky and Connor assume they were right and that Morrie has been doctoring his patients’ medication, until Harry stumbles upon a clue. Following his post-mortem on Nazim Theara, he concludes that the original verdict was right and that the teenager did, indeed, commit suicide. However, he also discovers that her body contains traces of a cocktail of anti-depressants – a cocktail that exactly matches the toxicology report from the suicide of Kevin Perry. Nazim was never treated at January House, but when Harry finally persuades her mother to tell him the truth, it transpires that she did order anti-depressants from an online pharmacist called Wanda Charlton (Claire Hackett), who just happens to be one of the centre’s suppliers.

Additional Information
Format: DVD
Show: Silent Witness
Genre: Mystery
Run Time: 6 1/2 hours
Number of Discs: 2
Region: Region 1
UPC Code : 888574773304
Cast: Starring: Emilia Fox, William Gaminara, Tom Ward
Producer: Nick Pitt
Executive Producers: Laura Mackie, Jessica Pope, Hilary Salmon
Editorial Reviews: “Direction, performances and in particular the writing have proved consistently engaging and imaginative”
Daily Telegraph
Number of Discs: 2 Discs