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Hitler on Trial

Hitler on Trial

Meet Hans Litten, the brilliant young lawyer who dares to cross-examine Adolf Hitler in a Berlin courtroom in 1931. Litten's goal: to expose Hitler's true character and murderous plans, and halt the rapid rise of the Nazi Party. His reward: the red-hot hatred and fatal revenge of a hostile witness. Hitler on Trial sweeps you into this little-known, true story of collision between the future Führer's blatant contempt for the law, and Litten's brave but futile attempt to save German democracy. A gripping, intense BBC drama guaranteed to make your heart race, starring Ed Stoppard (Upstairs Downstairs, The Musketeers), Ian Hart (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Finding Neverland), Sarah Smart (Wallander, Death in Paradise) and Anton Lesser (Wolf Hall, Game of Thrones).

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Hans Litten was a young lawyer in Weimar Germany who represented opponents of the Nazis at trials between 1929 and 1932. Today, his name is barely known outside Germany, yet in the summer of 1931, with Germany on the brink of economic collapse, Hans did something extraordinary. He put Adolf Hitler on the witness stand of a Berlin court. It was a huge personal risk. But Hans wanted to expose the true character of Hitler to the German public and thereby halt the phenomenal rise of the Nazi Party. In a humiliating and hostile cross-examination, Hitler was forced to account for his violent methods, his apparent contempt for the law and his stated desire to destroy German democracy. Hitler survived the ordeal but it was a close thing and something he never forgot. On the night of the Reichstag Fire, Litten was arrested and spent the rest of his life in Nazi concentration camps. After being moved to Dachau in 1938, he committed suicide, aged just 34. Hitler on Trial reveals the unknown story of Hans Litten, bringing to life the drama of a Berlin court room in the run up to the Second World War.. Ed Stoppard... Hans Litten

Additional Information
Format: DVD
Run Time: 90 minutes + 60 minutes bonus content
Region: Region 1
Cast: Ed Stoppard... Hans Litten <br>Ian Hart... Adolf Hitler <br>Bill Paterson... Kurt Ohnesorge <br>Sarah Smart... Margot Fürst <br>Anton Lesser... Rudolf Olden <br>John Hollingworth... Max Fürst <br>Ronan Vibert... Walther Stennes <br>Ruth McCabe... Irmgard Litten <br>Will Keen... Hans Frank <br>Robert O'Mahoney... Fritz Litten <br>Alexander Hanson... Wilhelm Bruckner (as Alex Hanson) <br>Terry Byrne... Jewish Diner <br>Chris Patrick-Simpson... Brownshirt (as Chris Simpson) <br>Nigel O'Neill... Court Courier <br>Patrick FitzSymons... Communist Official (as Patrick Fitzsymons)
Editorial Reviews: "brought light to an act of heroism all but swallowed by history" - Observer <br>"Taut and laced with foreboding... the lead performances were superb" - Sunday Telegraph
Episodes: Includes the 60 minute documentary companion piece: Hitler on Trial: The Story Behind the Film
ISBN: 883929488087
Number of Discs: 1