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Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall

Tony® Award-winning actor Mark Rylance (Twelfth Night) and Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award-winner Damian Lewis (Homeland) star in the six-hour miniseries adapted from Hilary Mantel's best-selling Booker Prize-winning novels: Wolf Hall and its sequel, Bring Up the Bodies. From humble beginnings and with an enigmatic past, Thomas Cromwell (Rylance) is the brilliant consigliere to King Henry VIII (Lewis). Told from Cromwell's perspective, Wolf Hall follows the complex machinations and back room dealings of this pragmatic and accomplished power broker who must serve king and country while dealing with deadly political intrigue, Henry VIII's tempestuous relationship with Anne Boleyn (Claire Foy, Little Dorrit), and the religious upheavals of the Protestant reformation.
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Wolf Hall follows the complex machinations and back room dealings of Cromwell – a pragmatic and accomplished power broker, from humble beginnings and with an enigmatic past – who serves king and country while navigating deadly political intrigue, the King’s tempestuous relationship with Anne Boleyn and the religious upheavals of the Protestant reformation. The story begins in 1529. King Henry VIII has been married to Katherine of Aragon for 20 years without producing a male heir. Requests for an annulment from the pope have gone unheeded. Meanwhile Anne Boleyn waits in the wings. Cardinal Wolsey has failed his sovereign in only this one matter. But Henry is not a forgiving man and Wolsey’s future – and his life – hang in the balance. At Wolsey’s side stands Cromwell. A soldier, a charmer, a merchant, a lawyer, this low-born son of a blacksmith has worked his way up from the gutter to become Wolsey’s most trusted servant. When Anne Boleyn and her supporters finally bring Wolsey down, Cromwell risks everything as he negotiates a path between his unending loyalty to the dying cardinal and his own safety and future. Soon, this political genius finds himself at the centre of the King’s plans to make Anne his Queen, thus severing England’s ties to Rome and the Catholic church. But Cromwell knows that Henry’s favour is fickle. When Anne fails to produce a son, Cromwell is tasked with ridding the King of his now troublesome Queen. Ordered to find evidence, he gathers those he sees as guilty, though not necessarily as charged… This is a thrilling account of the lives and emotions of people living during an extraordinary time. Cromwell is portrayed as a complex and brilliant man, at times fierce, ruthless and vengeful, but also compassionate, wise and humane..

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Anna Regina
The Devil's Spit
Master of Phantoms

Bonus Extras include:
- Peter Kosminsky - Interview with the director of Wolf Hall. Describing story of series, about Thomas Cromwell, actors and crew, includes Behind the Scenes footage.
- Mark Rylance - Interview with actor who plays Thomas Cromwell. Describes character, story based on history, includes Behind the Scenes footage.
- Mark Gatiss - Interview with actor who plays Steven Gardiner. Describes character, history, experience working on series, includes Behind the Scenes footage.
- Damian Lewis - Interview with actor who plays Henry VIII. Discusses character, story, how he relates to character, includes Behind the Scenes footage.
- Jonathan Pryce - Interview with actor who plays Cardinal Wolsey.
- Claire Foy - Interview with actress who plays Anne Boleyn. Discuss interaction of characters.
- History and Design - Interviews with Production Designer, Costume Designer, Hair and Make-Up Designer, Director of Photography, includes Behind the Scenes footage.
- The People & The Politics - Interviews with cast and crew about story line and history, shooting styles, character backgrounds, basing script on book, includes Behind the Scenes footage.
- Bringing It To The Screen - Interviews with Colin Callender (EP), Director Peter Kosminsky, Producer Mark Pybus, Writer Peter Straughan, discuss story lines, characters, original books. includes Behind the Scenes footage.. 

Additional Information
Format: DVD
Run Time: 360 minutes
Region: Region 1
Starring: Mark Rylance;Damian Lewis;Claire Foy;Jonathan Pryce;Joanne Whalley;Mark Gatiss;Anton Lesser;Thomas Brodie-Sangster;Richard Dillane;Bernard Hill ;Jessica Raine;Charity Wakefield;Mathieu Amalric ;Saskia Reeves
Cast: Starring Mark Rylance (<i>The Government Inspector, The Gunman</i>), Damian Lewis (<i>Homeland, Band of Brothers</i>), Claire Foy (<i>Little Dorrit, The Promise</i>), Jonathan Pryce (<i>Pirates of the Caribbean, Tomorrow Never Dies</i>), Joanne Whalley (<i>The Borgias, Jamaica Inn</i>), Mark Gatiss (<i>Sherlock, Mapp & Lucia</i>), Anton Lesser (<i>Endeavour, Game of Thrones</i>), Mathieu Amalric (<i>The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly</i>), Charity Wakefield (<i>Sense & Sensibility, Leaving</i>), Jessica Raine (<i>Call the Midwife, Line of Duty</i>), Bernard Hill (<i>Five Days, Lord of the Rings</i>), Richard Dillane (<i>The Dark Knight, Cold Feet</i>), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (<i>Game of Thrones, Love Actually</i>), Saskia Reeves (<i>Luther</i>)
Editorial Reviews: “Feels as real and visceral as if the wolves of Henry’s court were panting down our necks” <br>- The London Times <br> <br>“Masterful… it offers us the chance to bring that fascinating, dangerous world into our living rooms. Pay attention: this is TV worth watching” <br>- The Telegraph <br> <br>“Event television: sumptuous, intelligent and serious” <br>- The Guardian
Episodes: 6 episodes
ISBN: 841887022460
Number of Discs: 3
Written By: Peter Straughan;Hilary Mantel